Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenge update and a WooHoo Moment.

Funny thing, it worked out that I ended up eating chickpeas in various forms six days out of the seven.

Day One: We had a picnic lunch.

Day Two: Was a chickpea salad.

Day Three: This falafel sandwich I threw in my face after arriving back from shopping absolutely starving.

Day Four: Lunch was falafels. Dinner? Mmm, mexican food! Black beans and rice on tacos.

Day Five: Leftover black beans and rice mashed with egg and breadcrumbs then made into a burger.

Day Six: A snackish kind of day.

Day Seven: Starters and some pasta.

We'd planned a few different meals, but the days didn't always play out like we'd hope and often it was go with the easiest legume option possible. It helped that the start of this challenge coincided with one of our hummus kicks. ;)

I also exceeded my fish expectations for the week. :)
On Day Two I was really in the mood for fish, at lunch and dinner time.:

I'm elated, despite being slightly sore, to announce. . .this evening I walked 2 miles. WOOHOO! I haven't done that since just before I got pregnant. I'm also very excited that even with taking it nice and slow it only took us 57 minutes to do it. I'd expected it would take over an hour. :)

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Rita said...

LOL, that's a lot of chickpeas and some crazy variety too. I applaud you on that. I get stuck in food ruts something terrible! And Big huge congrats on the walk. That's incredible!