Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not thinking of sending KW a gift? Ignore this post!

For anyone that isn't intending to send a gift, please don't feel like I'm pressuring you into buying anything or even asking you to. This is for those that have already expressed, or felt, the need to do so.

Some of my readers have asked if they can send Kiddlywink a little gift for Christmas. (And some may feel shy about asking. If you do need our mailing address, please leave a comment indicating so and I'll email it to you.)

Sure! Any and all appropriate gifts are appreciated.

If you're wanting to send clothing? Remember, at the moment, it is winter here in the USA.
Kiddlywink weighs approx 12-13lbs/5.5-6kgs.
She wears a US size 3-6 months, Aussie size 00...European clue, sorry. But clothes in a bigger size for a later season are always good too. :)

If you do send toys or items that contain plastic, please try and ensure they're BPA free.
BPA or Bisphenol A = BAAAAD juju for bubbies.

Story books, especially children's ones with stories about your own culture, or a particular childhood favourite of your own are always good.

As a thank you, we'll be sure to send you a photo of Kiddlywink on Christmas morning with whatever present she received from you.

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