Monday, November 16, 2009

I Was Gonna Call First....But!

Yesterday, we went for our first visit to the YMCA in three or so months.

Alaskaboy, as usual, was running late for aqua aerobics. He ran inside the building and through reception really fast. Thus, he didn't see the signs on the front door or reception desk.

G, the receptionist, was so excited when he dropped our membership cards off and told her Kiddlywink was coming along behind--with me of course but the important news was that Her Cuteness was coming--she got busy slathering up with hand sanitizer and forgot to tell him. (How excited? She didn't even log us in. We discovered later our membership cards got dropped on the desk in her lunge for the sanitizer.)

In the two or so minutes it took me to reach reception, Alaskaboy had started his pre-swim rinse.

Kiddlywink and G were in raptures getting reacquainted while I went and stuck my head through the men's change room doorway and yelled, "OY! Pool's closed today for repairs!" LOL

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Marshmallow said...

Ahahahahhaah oh dear!