Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pregnancy Coat

I've seen horses desperately scrubbing against fence posts, or inelegantly flailing their legs as they roll around on their backs on the grass. The unfriendliest cat one relative ever had, would, out of sheer desperation, deign to have his back scratched by us at least once a year. And Dr Kay's short-haired dog loved it the one unseasonably warm winter we stayed for a visit, when Alaskaboy set to work with his masterful fingers scratching fast and furious.

Before, I would laugh at the silly expressions of ineffable relief they'd invariably display.

Now, I can sympathise.

Due to the heat plus not having time to do more than wash and shake--and even that rarely of late--I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. So short is this nice new 'do that it's about an inch and a bit long. A few days ago I found out another convenience of having my hair this short.

I'm molting!

Yes, that's right, shedding my pregnancy coat!

And just like all those animals I laughed at previously, I too pull funny faces as I treat myself to the human equivalent of the curry comb.

Sometimes in desperation, I'll lean over the bathroom sink and look exactly like the mad scientist grabbing fistfuls of his hair and pulling them out!

And like any other shedding hair is EVERYwhere! Poor Kiddlywink, she even had piece in her mouth the other day.

Honestly! Every day I feel like I've been back to the hairdresser. You know how it is: No matter how well they tighten the plastic cloak, or brush you off afterwards, unless you go home and have a shower, you'll spend the rest of the day itching all over as those tiny little hairs prickle you mercilessly.

ARRGH! I'm off to have a shower.

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Anonymous said...


Could you tell me the name of this comb and where you got it from please. I have been looking all over for this type of comb for about a week with no success. Thanks