Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Nother Quick Update

-This has been our first week alone, without slaves of the family variety, since Kiddlywink was born. Alaskaboy has also been back at work a couple of weeks now.

-Kiddlywink, (and us) has been missing everyone, and consequently hasn't wanted to sleep anywhere but on me during the day. Of a night she sleeps fine, but I'm still only getting approx no more than three hours broken sleep. After six nights of that plus staying on the couch with her all day...I broke down and begged Alaskaboy on the phone Thursday night to take Friday off. They were unable to replace him, because I'd left it so late. Same with Monday or Tuesday!

-In desperation, I put Kiddlywink into her favourite sleeping position--on her stomach which we usually only allow her to do in her Boppy Play Gym while supervised--and slept on the couch cushions on the floor right beside the play gym.

-Suddenly, with a few extra naps here and there, the world isn't such a godawful place.

-We've learned that I have to supplement with formula, I don't produce enough milk to satisfy her. I stubbornly kept trying for over two weeks, assuming that since she was dropping off to sleep after each feed she was full, and she only gained half as much weight during that time as she was s'posed to. Plus got a bit dehydrated. The doctor also suggested giving her up to 2 * 30 ml servings of sterilized, cooled water per day as she needs it. Some days she wants none, other days she drinks the full 60 mls, some days only wants a half ounce at a time. My daughter LIKES water, both to play in and to drink. Hooray! (0-3 month old swimsuits are THE cutest thing !)

-Have discovered I need to drink one bottle of gatorade per day, to prevent cramps and my own dehydration. Have been very grateful to the rellies that helped stock up the freezers and fridge completely with pre-cooked meals. Have made it so much easier. Just nuke it and then shove in the food one handed. Funnily enough, I'm still eating intuitively.

-I haven't weighed myself since my first postpartum doctor's visit. Conveniently, our own scale broke around the time I was in hospital. We'd had it in the one position that long in the bathroom, that when we went to move it to clean the floor, the rubber foot stayed stuck to the floor and the spring-loaded leg snapped off. We probably won't be buying another. I'm still bloated from the surgery, plus breastfeeding, so there's less point than usual in weighing myself.

-I'll be taking a photo once per month in my bathing suit as a judge of my progress. At the moment, I'm so out of shape, (hate to imagine what I'd've been like if I HADN'T exercised my whole way through the pregnancy) plus still rehabbing from the surgery etc that a one mile stroll is an achievement akin to completing an Ironwoman competition. Not too bad consideringa few weeks ago going to the bathroom used to feel equivalent to that.

-Despite all the blahness, unfitness, lack of sleep etc, I'm loving being a Mum. She can make me smile even in the middle of an exhausted weeping fit.

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Marshmallow said...

Holy crap, she's grown so much! (and I see SO much of you in her, especially in that second picture :-D)

You're doing a great job, Kada. I'm so proud and happy for you (proud Kiwi Aunty here, whoop whoop! :-D)

Shauna said...

Catching up on posts today... she has grown so much! And such a sweetie. Sounds like you are kicking arse in the mothering department too, i take my hat off to you! :) (the very thought of it fills me with terror :)