Friday, June 12, 2009

Mixed Bag.

- Kiddlywink has gained 10 ozs since friday. She's now 4lb 10ozs; a full pound over her birth weight. :)

- Her umbilical stump fell off this afternoon.

- I left my cell phone, the brand new one we got a few weeks ago to replace the one I lost during a pregnancy-hormones-induced lapse of memory, in my trouser pocket...and Alaskaboy was so tired he forgot to check all the pockets for about the first time since we've been married...

- Did I mention the tired? It's like no other kind of tired I've EVER experienced. And that's with Alaskaboy doing more than his fair share to help give me time to recover, and my mother-in-law doing all the dishes and most of cooking.

- And yet Alaskaboy, mom-in-law, and now my abdominals, are nagging me to do even less! "You had major surgery and you almost died! It hasn't even been two weeks yet! REST!" He "should" be going back to work next week and I "should" be able to cope with just Mom here. But he's not, and I can't. Is this the Mummy guilt they talk about, that I'm feeling?

- Kiddlywink' suck is too immature to latch on and feed from me without her tiring out before getting enough calories. (I also have flat nipples, need to see a lactation consultant about that!) So, I'm pumping breast milk and we're supplementing with formula.

- Successfully managed to juggle pumping (using a hands-free bustier) and bottle feeding at the same time. Felt proud for that.

- ESPECIALLY since pumping tends to knock me out cold!

- Am still eating completely intuitively which is a big relief. Was afraid I'd overeat with how tired/rundown I am.

- Walking is hard, not just because of the wounds (coughing is a BITCH AND A HALF!) but also my lung capacity is much lower than it was. Am told it's a side effect of being pregnant as well as the general anesthetic. Hope I improve quickly, I miss nice long walks.

- Am still having very satisfying naps while sitting on the toilet. Sometimes even for an hour long! LOL

- Even more in love than I was last week. :D

Catch yas later!

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