Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kiddlywink's Second* Favourite Restaurant.

Alaskaboy was sitting at the dining table, Kiddlywink's butt sidesaddle on his leg and her head/neck in one of his hands in their favourite feeding position.

I was mashing an avocado to have with crackers for my soon-to-be session with the pump.

In a terrible French accent mastered by B-film actors the world over, he says to her a-la waiter, "For tonaght's firrrst course, we have zee bottle of meeelk! Would you like to try? No?"

Since she was in the middle of a stretch I asked him, in an even worse French accent, "Madamoiselle wishes to know, ees eet from zee region of Tittee or from zee Can?"

"From zee Grrrrrand Tittee!"


(Second course was as you'd guess, from the can.)

*In the NICU the service was like clockwork; fast and efficient too. Here, we're not quite as prompt, but we're like one of those hole in the wall joints that ya just keep coming back to. :)

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Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Too funny....
I remember the exhaustion... sux aye!

Amanda said...

Hilarious :) You guys are too much :)

alaskagirl said...

I can just hear it...
Maybe I'll start a fund for Kiddleywink's therapy.... JK

cmae said...

OMG this is too funny!!!