Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Registry and Virtual Baby Shower.

Hi All!

(If you already know what gift you're wishing to give Kiddlywink, or aren't getting one at all, then that's fabulous! You can ignore this whole post. LOL)

Like other important events during our courtship and married life, we definitely feel the long distance part of the equation during moments we'd love to be sharing with all our family and friends. We're very bummed that we won't be able to have a baby shower, the usual kind where people come and have a fabulous time playing games, rubbing the belly, eating food, talking, and possibly bringing a gift.

So, we're planning a virtual baby shower. In fact have filmed the first two episodes/chapters already. Yes, we're filming ourselves opening the gifts we receive and will then be sending a dvd on as our way of saying thanks. (It'll be up to each of you if you want only the segment containing your own gift being opened, or the whole lot.)

In light of that, many of you have asked what we'll need/want. It's taken us well over a month, shopping for hours on end each weekend and sometimes during the week too, to figure that out. The saga of finding the right pack'n'play which we'll be using for Kiddlywink's bassinet is practically a novel in and of itself! And we're still not sure if we've chosen everything we'll need, or if we've fallen for anything that's a gimmick etc. Time will tell, we guess.

With only 11 and a half weeks to go till the due date, we're starting to enter that surreal stage where we're realising that this is actually happening. And we have to get ready to meet this brand new person and care for him/her.

For those that are inclined to buy a gift for Kiddlywink, but aren't sure what to get, drop me a line at timtampimp residing in yahoo by the dot and the com, if you catch my drift. ;)

oh and I do have posts lined up other than baby stuff, I promise, we've just been so hectic lately it's been hard to find time to post anything!

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Marshmallow said...

LOVE the virtual shower idea!

Will be emailing you :-D