Saturday, April 18, 2009

28 Weeks.

Just got back from appointment.

Kiddlywink is measuring at 2 lbs 5ozs so far and growing beautifully. Plenty of amniotic fluid available, AND I passed the glucose test with flying colours.

Can hardly believe it's only 12ish weeks to go already. Can't believe how much more I waddle and wallow. Have given up swimming laps as I pretty much flounder along like a hippo now. Am enjoying water aerobics though, especially on Saturdays when Alaskaboy comes along to do it was well. :)

Did get some fabulous gas/brake pedal extenders last weekend, am now comfortable driving again and no longer stressing about getting to appointments or driving my bro around when he comes to visit.

Feeling well, but starting to get nervous about coping with both the upcoming hot weather and the eventual birth.

Am nodding off in the chair. Yay Nap Time!

Looking forward to catching up more. . .after nap.

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Julia said...

I haven't checked on you in a while and reading your recent posts when I did so made me smile.

Kick daddy in the head especially.

Very happy for you.