Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wii Fitness Coach.

Last month I negatively reviewed the Wii Fit. I also hinted that I'd be interested in purchasing it when, and if, the criticisms and weight loss emphasis disappeared from the program.

Fatgrrl has done a review of the Nintendo Wii's My Fitness Coach. For those that might be interested, it doesn't utilise the Balance Board, but it does seem to be an overall more encouraging program than the Wii Fit.

The first 30 minutes is a lot of measuring and testing and determining current fitness levels. At the end of the assessment, the virtual trainer appeared on screen and said to me, “It looks like you’re a bit over the average weight.” And as I was right in the middle of a big, sweeping arc of my eyes from one side to another, I hear her add, “But weight isn’t the be all end all of fitness.” (!!!!) “SHUT UP!!!” I yelled at the screen in disbelief.

Check out the rest of what Morgan had to say about the Wii Fitness Coach.

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