Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Whose Intuition? Mine or the Baby's?

The last time I remember eating a variety of vegetables in the one meal was when we had this Asian feast: smoked tuna in ginger and vegetable sushi, Korean spicy beef and vegetable gyoza, and Chinese vegetable and fried tofu stir fry in shiitake mushroom sauce.

The feast was mainly held in honour of celebrating our lovely new chopsticks and their pretty fish holders. LOL

Funnily enough, it was also the last meal that I enjoyed ginger. Now, if Alaskaboy bites into a gyoza/wonton--on the other side of the table--I have to lean as far away from him as I can until he swallows it and wafts the hint of ginger away. Another strong aversion I've had for months now is capsicum. So, it shocked me last night when I devoured a big bowl of the hungarian goulash I'd made the previous night.

Mostly I've been sticking with small amounts of simple-yet-calorie-dense things like this family sized meat pie and its overflow mini pies. (Mini-pie is sitting on a saucer. LOL)

I'm always interested in finding new, simple and tasty Indian side-dishes. Especially veggie ones. One night while making Chicken Tikka Masala, I was desperate to find a broccoli recipe to use up the almost-done-for large bag we'd forgotten about in the frigde. Frustratingly, a lot of broccoli dishes had a yoghurt sauce on them. Not so good when so does the CTM. Then we found this fabulous broccoli recipe. And wonder of wonders we actually had all the ingredients, even the urad dal we'd vaccumed sealed before leaving our last apartment and then let languish in the back of the pantry.

The recipe went down a treat with the CTM but not so crash hot with the spicy lentil hot pot the next night. What did go well with the spicy lentil hot pot though? Well, when we were shopping at the Indian grocery store for the red lentils, not only did I find some halal jelly/jello made with vegetable gums, but I also found gorgeous baby eggplants that I just could not resist. Literally. We were standing in line to pay as the guy was bagging up our purchases, and I had to run back to the fridge section and get them.

Upon finding this recipe, I then turned these

into this lovely meal. (Unfortunately, the picture on the recipe looks better than mine. pout. I also added in a can of chickpeas because I'd only measured out half the lentils. sigh.)

But it did taste good and the fresh fruit salad for dessert finished off what I realised later was a completely vegan meal.

After those spicy nights, my body went back to wanting uncomplicated flavours again.

Ever since the night when I made that fruit salad three weeks ago though, it's like some sort of fruit switch has been tripped somewhere. I can't get enough fruit! We were out shopping one fairly hot night and it was around dinner time, but all I wanted was a fruit smoothie. So, we called in to get one. I got one that was based on pine/orange juice with yoghurt, pineapple pieces, strawberry pieces and substituted mango pieces for the banana that they offered. I begrudgingly shared about a third of it with Alaskaboy but it pretty much ended up being all I had for dinner that night.

Again, a few days later we were out shopping, I got a smaller size of the same flavour, and also got one that was mango juice based that also had strawberries, mangoes and this time I swapped pineapple in for the bananas. After looking at the price we'd just paid for the drinks, and realising how hooked I am on this particular smoothie at the moment, we went and bought fresh orange juice, fresh pineapple juice, frozen mango and pineapple pieces, and we already had the frozen strawberries and icecream to finish it off. Lunchtime two days ago, I made a two litre smoothie. Alaskaboy got one glass out of it, and then it was all gone by afternoon tea time yesterday. LOL

Over the course of two breakfasts, we've eaten a whole cantaloupe, an apple, banana, pear and two kiwi fruits. (Me again with the lion's share.) Now, you all know I'm usually not this big on fruit. I'm guessing Kiddlywink adores fruit then?

Tonight, we're going for something a little complicated. Alaskaboy is doing his first attempt at baking Turkish bread. To go with it, I've made tabbouleh, greek-style marinated NZ lamb shanks, and tzatziki. Home made souvlakis! Hopefully they'll turn out well. Will get a picture up as soon as I can. Promise.

I had also intended to write about more than food this post. (the original title was Me? Small Chested? but this has gotten long enough I'll save the other stuff for a post tomorrow, or something.)

Hope you're all eating well. Has the weather affected your appetites at all? The goulash I made in sympathy after reading about the severe snowstorms forecast for this week in the northeast. LOL

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