Thursday, March 12, 2009

Virtual Baby Shower

One of the less fun parts about being pregnant is that we're so far away from everyone. We were kinda bummed about no engagement party, no wedding shower and no bachelor/ette parties, but no baby shower as well? That's really crappy. And no, not just because any presents we receive have to be sent via mail.
It really sucks missing out on the actual gathering; stories/games/advice and HUGS etc you get at a baby shower.

We're already trying as best we can to include friends and relatives who live far away by emailing belly and ultrasound pictures. We're even contemplating buying one of those heartbeat monitor/amplifiers so that the interested parties can hear the Kiddlywink's heartbeat over the phone. Today we took another step forward, we've decided to videotape us opening presents.

We received some presents for Kiddlywink at Christmas time and another package arrived from my Nanna today. Knowing that she's really disappointed her doctor put so many conditions in place that made it all but impossible for her to come, we figured the least we could do was video us opening her gift and send her a cd/dvd of it.

Then we figured, why not do it for every present? My more mature side suggested waiting until closer to the due date, keeping any gifts we received in their boxes until the day of the Virtual Shower, but. . .NAH! We'll do a few segments of several packages per section. Not only because it'll be less chaotic, but look! Belly changes! And then we can edit it together into one show/er and send it to those that are interested. It's probably not THAT fun watching other people open presents, but it's the best we could think of to include everyone. (Especially since most can't come and visit, and my parents are only able to get two weeks vacation later in July.)

It definitely felt corny and a little awkward babbling at the video camera, hope we get a little less stilted as time goes by.

Anyone else have other suggestions we could do to help share this wonderful time with our friends/relatives?

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Denise said...

Skype is great! (and free) We do that with my husband's mother who lives far away.