Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Switcheroo 1:
Even before it became popular, I'd refill my softdrink/juice bottles with water and cart them a round with me. Pretty much everyone who's met me in real life knows nowadays I always carry around a waist pack with two, 500ml, 750ml or 1L depending, bottles of water inside at all times. Once the worries about BPA became apparent and I researched just exactly why it's probably not a good idea to reuse plastic water drinking bottles, we ditched the very few no. 7 items we had in the house and we stopped reusing the no. 1 plastic water bottles.

Not only were we now buying the bulk pack of 2 * 2.5 gallon containers for household drinking (our water is so hard I get ill from it. For those that know to which I refer, it's WORSE than Adelaide water!) but also having to buy the bulk packs of the 500ml bottles for travel outside the home. Our recycling amounts increased but so too did the actual amount we spent on water.

We tried using travel mugs, but they didn't quite cut it. Mostly, because we had to be too careful to avoid spillage. And really, they didn't hold very much. A lot if it was coffee or a hot drink, not so much when it's cold water ya want. However, this week we found something wonderful! H2Ozone stainless steel water bottles. We didn't get them from ebay, but they're fabulous. They hold 800mls of water. Aren't recommended for hot liquids or acidic things though, so I'm guessing soda/juice are out. Previously, I'd pooh-poohed the few stainless steel bottles I'd seen because they looked like they'd weigh a ton once full of water. Surprisingly, these don't weigh all that much more than the plastic bottles ever did. So, yeah, a life long user of plastic bottles has switched to stainless steel. Go figure.

Switcheroo 2:
Ever since my mum took me to be fitted for my first brassiere I've been what's known as big chested. And as you all know now that I'm pregnant the cleavage could now be possibly said to resemble the Grand Canyon. Remember those new bathers that I ordered, and then had to wait three weeks for them because they were back ordered? To play it safe, I ordered a size 2W. Now 1W have been fitting me perfectly right now. 2W and 3W have been giving me a little room for the belly and boobage to progress over the next few months. But these bathers? The mannequin is not filling the cup very well at all. Well, she fits it better than I do! Truly! I'll need to wear a crop top under just to keep it within the bounds of decency.

Me! Small chested! So small chested that even when I tighten that string and tie the biggest damn bow you ever saw, I'm still hanging part way out the bottom of the cup. ROFLMAO After I got over my frustration I saw the funny side of it. Poor Alaskaboy, over the next few days, at random intervals, I'd say "I'm small chested!" and burst out laughing.

Switcheroo 3:
Tonight, we switched from our more usual roles for cooking. We were both in the mood for something simple yet wholesome, and of course tasty. :) Alaskaboy heated up some of the saffron rice he'd made last night. Along with that he steamed some broccoli and carrot and grilled a chicken breast.

Pretty sexy huh? Everything was cooked to perfection.

While we were out grocery shopping at Costco today, I would have sworn Alaskaboy was having a fit of PMS from the way he lunged towards the shelf of chocolate cakes. If he'd inhaled the delicious scent any harder, he may well have ended up with a cake cover lodged in each nostril! So,{evile grin} being the good lil' wifey that I am--of a Scotch-descent husband--I made thrifty husband's heart beat that little bit faster, by promising to make, instead of buy, him a chocolate cake.

A two layer...

chocolate fudge cake...

with no-cook chocolate fudge frosting, no less.

This is the first time I've frosted this cake, I must admit. Usually it's wonderful, but dangerously so, by itself. Especially since we don't even give it a chance to cool down but eat it as soon as it hits the cake cooling rack. But it was cake, icing and all that he wanted, so he got it. This version is so deliciously rich we've already cut one half into two and are freezing them for a later date. LOL

Switcheroo 4:
Oh! And when I go swimming this week, I probably won't be swimming. I've bought myself a pair of pool/water shoes and will most likely spend the majority of my pool time walking up and down the pool. If I happen to take our frilly shower cap from the bathroom and wear it at the pool? Or heaven forbid, get one like this? I'll know I've successfully managed to blend in with the old ducks doing water aerobics/walking. Mum figure, frilly bathers, good god, when did this happen? lol

Hmm, there was a 5th switcheroo, but I can't remember. Sheesh, pregnancy brain strikes again!

Ahh well, it's nearly midnight, I should be in bed anyway. Night all!

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