Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poke-A-Boo. (And Belly Photos)

"When you feel the baby move, you'll know."

HA! I say.

That was a flutter; could it be? {ten seconds later} FAAAAART! Oh. Guess not.

"Lay on your side for about half an hour after having a sugary or caffeinated drink". . . . . .Nothing.

"Oh, the baby wakes me up of a night already." The only thing that wakes ME up is my bladder.

"Mine's a cervix stomper!" Oh, yeah. {wince} Mine did that only a few times...that one day...over a month ago. (Thank God!)

"I still don't know if it's the baby moving or if it's Braxton Hicks Contractions I'm feeling." You and me both, lady!

Don't get me wrong, I have been feeling flutters, muscle twinges and movements that aren't normal for my non-pregnant self to feel, just never when I'm "s'posed" to. And never quite like anyone else describes their movements either. So, I haven't been sure of what I'm feeling at all. I know, I know, everyone's individual. But all the cool kids know the movements. I'm s'posed to be so intuitive, why can't I TELLL!!

I reckon I deserve a medal. Why? When we were out shopping about two weeks ago at some computer store, I saw not only stethoscopes but also baby heartbeat monitor amplifier thingies. It's like a teeny little speaker you put on your belly and if you position it right you can hear the swoooshswooshswoosh of the foetus's heartbeat. Please note operative words in that last sentence: If you position it correctly. Yeah. That was the main reason we didn't get one. I could just imagine me playing chase the heartbeat. And getting more and more worked up if I couldn't position it correctly. Lookit that! Wisdom; learning to recognise my limitations. Yay me! LOL

But I've been driving me and Alaskaboy nuts lately. Whenever I HAVE felt flutters/pings/twinges etc I let him know and he comes running over to try and feel any movement from the outside. Now, I know that being fatter makes this a little harder to do, especially since my uterus now extends up above my belly button. (Creepy sensation if I lean against the sink while doing dishes.)

The last week or two we've both kinda sorta felt stuff, but weren't really sure what was my internal bits doing their gurgles and normal twitches and what was Kiddlywink. The ones I've recognised the best is when s/he is poking over and over again, like a record stuck in a groove, against a nerve. If you've ever had a muscle or nerve tic, it's like that but slower and arrhythmical. With a good dash of the butterflies-in-your-stomach sensation thrown in for good measure.

The ones that feel like barely a flutter at all are the ones Alaskaboy can feel better as Kiddlywink turns over or moves, thus making the muscles of my lower abdomen move. Alaskaboy says it's almost like feeling a muscle tense, but more that the muscles rolls ever so slightly, like a whale broaching the surface for a breath.

Last week we got the giggles because he'd poke and I'd feel Kiddlywink flutter in response. Poke. Tickle. Poke. Tickle. Yeah, Kiddlywink is its father's child. They're ganging up on me already! But it's cool that they're "playing" games together already. We've termed it Poke-a-Boo.

Then, last night, Kiddlywink was really active. So active that I could definitely tell that it was the baby moving and not wishful thinking or a product of my digestive system. So, we assumed the position that seems to work best for us, (Sitting or standing behind me with his hands on my lower belly were okay, but awkward to hold for long.) Me, lying on my left side, holding my belly outta the way so he can easily get his hands on as much of the actual abdomen wall as possible, and him lying on his side facing me. And, instead of waiting tensely for movement, we carried on with our conversation. You know, as if that'd trick Kiddlywink into coming out to play or something? LOL

I could feel plenty of flutters and odd sensations, but he was having no luck. After about 5 minutes I decided to lay on my back. (Not supposed to at this point, but the OBGYN puts me on my back for tests etc, surely we could do it for a short while too!) The position I got comfy in was on my back but supported by pillows in various odd positions, so I wasn't really laying flat at all.

In this position Alaskaboy could get his whole palm flatter on my abdominal wall (cause it was easier for me to hold belly outta the way) and was confident enough to press a little firmer. He definitely felt several twitches that way. Then keeping his palm flat he bent his fingers in a firmer poke. A few seconds later, simultaneously I said "URK!" and he said "WOW!"

Alaskaboy said it felt like when you put your hand against someone's face and they poke their tongue into their cheek. But pointier! Was most certainly an ankle, elbow or knee. For me? Weird fucking feeling lemme tell you! I can't really describe it. Yes it's a poke, but from the inside! My muscles were pressed outwards. Some Other being inside is moving independently of me.

There weren't any other pokes back, but there was wriggling going on for the few more gentle pokes he gave. So what does he do next? Lays perpendicular to me with his head down on my belly and listens. We both go completely silent and completely still. He lays there for a good 2 or 3 minutes getting used to the sounds of my digestion, learning which is muscle movement from my breathing and which is from the bubba. All of a sudden he sits up and says, "That is SO cool!"

"What? Did you feel that movement did you?"

"No. I HEARD it! It's kinda like when you're laying in the bath or floating in a pool and you move something through the water. That swishy swoosh sound. I heard two distinct swish swish sounds."

Sure enough he put his head back down and listened again; whenever he moved a finger to indicate he'd heard a swish sound, it coincided with me feeling an extra big fluttery movement. How cool is that?

And then I got the giggles because they really ganged up on me. "Go on, get her. Get Mummy!" he said. And several things along that line. And every time he spoke, BIIIG Wriggles happened. "Tickle, Mummy, tickle her!" And he tickled me on the outside as Kiddlywink wriggled on the inside. No Fair! {grin}

Today, I woke up a couple hours before I normally do, and lo and behold, lots of wriggling again. I'm guessing that not only is Kiddlywink bigger now and can press harder, but I've been sleeping through one of the most active parts of his/her day. Morning kid, just like the father. {sigh}

This is us on February 16th, 2009. (Kiddlywink is 16 and a half weeks big.)

And us again, one month later, 16th March, 2009. (23 and a half weeks.)
Same top, same trousers, 1 cup size bigger bra, shorter haircut. Not sure about weight will check that tomorrow, if I remember. ;)

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