Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carb Happy.

First weight report in a while. As of this morning, I'm up to 245lbs. A gain over the last four weeks of 7 lbs. Now, we all know the games that scales can play. I'm pretty sure some of that is indeed legitimate weight/baby gain because when I weighed in last month I wore capri pants, rather than the winter weight trousers I had been wearing up to that point. And I maintained.

I weighed only three days ago, and I've "gained" 5 lbs since then. Mmmm...{licks lips} I certainly remember the carbfest I've had this week. What happens when I up my carb intake all of a sudden? Water weight! I also didn't sleep well, or long enough last two nights due to the fan being on and drying me out more than usual, and waking with very vivid lucid dreams/nightmares again. Blech.

Oh, and did I mention the lack of exercise the last four weeks?

All things to consider.

However, I am concerned enough about the "sudden" weight gain to start keeping a better eye on my cravings. Yes, I wanted those extra calories this week, but were there extra bites/drinks here and there that were no longer intuitive? Finishing a doughnut off every time is different to stopping with even only one or more bites to go, you know, when I'm actually full. Have I been eating a little too much of an evening to stave off the possible 4am HUNGRY? How much of the Cottee's Coola Cordial did I really need to drink, and how much did I drink because I haven't had it in years?

Thankfully, it seems my body, all on its own, has stopped the craving for empty calories. Veggies are even back on the menu. ;) (That plus getting back to regular exercise should help with a more reasonable weight gain over the rest of the pregnancy. Funny how only one or two swims a week helped so much.)

Had a yummy breakfast this morning of chicken and egg fried rice...light on the rice. I also stuck to water on my drive to the doctor's office. Turns out this was a good thing. They sprung the Glucose Test on me.

Mine tasted like super strong but very flat Sprite/7-up. And it was so chilled it almost gave me a cold-induced headache. Even with that, towards the end of the cup it was starting to get a liiiitle sickly sweet. I've heard of people receiving this drink at room temperature. For those medical people out there who give anyone this drink should be convicted of torture! Even chilled, No Way could I chug it down like I've had people suggest doing. It was done in several large swallows over about 90-120 seconds. Not as bad as I'd been led to believe, but I could see how it could be soooo much worse!

My poor OBGYN, he told me that since he had to drink all that Gatorade/laxative mix for when he had his colonoscopy, he hasn't been able to look at that particular flavour of Gatorade since. Somehow, it appealed to my sense of justice that he had some idea of what us women go through with this particular test. LOL

Bad thing was, because they hadn't warned me, I had nothing to read except those gossipy magazines they have in the waiting room. People actually pay to read that crap? And my post-visit snack in the car was a hot cross bun. Woulda bought cheese and crackers or something else if I'd known. {shrugs}

After they drew my blood (test results back on Monday) I headed off to the in-house cafeteria. I wasn't hungry per se, but I needed protein and liquid or I was gonna puke or something equally horrid. I HATE sugar crashes. Weird thing was, they wouldn't let me order the hamburger I wanted without any of the side orders. I HAD to choose one, even though I told them I wasn't going to eat it. So, the perfectly lovely, chock full o' chunky veggies, bowl of minestrone sat on my tray as I savoured my plain 2% milk while waiting for my burger to cook.

Glad I didn't attempt the soup, I couldn't finish the burger as it was. BIGGEST bloody hamburger I've EVER seen! God I wish I'd had my camera. I swear! The hamburger patty was as thick as a porterhouse steak and a good 4 and a half inches wide. I had to take out half the veggies just so I could bite into it! Was REALLY nice that it didn't come with any condiments on it. I could put the bare minimum tomato sauce on it to allow for moisture without getting more of a sugar overload.

I kept nodding off on the drive home, no surprise there, I did it on the drive in too. I was up HOURS before my usual rise'n'shine time.

Oh, and Kiddlywink played funny buggers with me and the doc today. At about 9am on the drive in I felt several long groups of flutters. Turns out during that time dear darling child managed to flip 180 deg so that where we expected the heartbeat to be found, there was none. I kept my cool only because of those flutters I'd felt. Eventually he found the heartbeat. Funnily enough, right about where Alaskaboy and I felt that strong POKE earlier this week.

I intended to swim this afternoon, but am feeling a little drained after that glucose test. Am thinking it's probably smarter to go in the morning instead.

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