Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?

Alaskaboy was filming in a hotel one night this week.
During rehearsal, the actor playing the hotel clerk picked up the phone and dialled 911.
Within minutes, the cops they had downstairs, used for directing traffic and ensuring the crew don't disturb the neighbourhood, had received reports of an open 911 line coming from the hotel.
One rushed upstairs to find out what was happening.

Yes, the actor had used a real phone instead of the prop. Thankfully he didn't get around to getting out all of his scripted lines. . .otherwise he'd have reported a murder. LOL


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What An Interesting Sensation.

Water aerobics was fabulous. Had to modify some stuff, but my muscles feel like they've actually worked out! Hooray! Will have another go next week as long as my body says it's okay to do so.

Oh, and in the middle of class it's certainly an...interesting is the only word I can use to describe it...sensation when Kiddlywink's doing his/her own form of water aerobics while I'm doing mine. LOL


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Social Niceties.

I was going to attend a water aerobics class today, just for some variety. Misjudged the starting time, however, so went with my usual laps/walk. (Didn't help that when I arrived at the pool, it took me ten minutes to dig through lost and found to find my soap and shampoo/conditioner that I left there last week! Poor Alaskaboy, because he unpacked my bag, I'd blamed him for hiding it in some obscure place at home that made sense to him.)

Made sure I asked what the start time is for tomorrow so I can be in the pool ready to go. And since I'm doing the class tomorrow I made it a shorter easier workout today. Even started with walking first. Halfway through my second lap I realised my favourite lifeguard was back. Hadn't seen him around for a few months and assumed he'd gotten a different job. (Like them all, but he's more fun to talk about actual lap swimming with. And a more bubbly personality.)

After several more laps more of walking he wandered over to see how I was doing. "Hey how ya been? You not swimming today?"
"Good. I'm pregnant so I gotta take it a bit easier."
"Oh WOW! Congratulations. That's SO cool!"

We chatted a bit about how he's been doing (Turns out he's been on the morning shift.) And what it's like being pregnant. He was really curious as to whether swimming was allowed etc. I explained how I do swim, just not the same way I could before, and walking helps keep me from getting too fatigued but continues the workout.

Felt extra motivated to make sure my breaststroke arms were perfect when swimming past him later on, even though legs are only doing a very slow flutter kick. LOL

When my workout was done, I got out of the pool and he held the door open for me as I left the pool area. (All the male lifeguards seem to do that, plus a few of the female ones. Well-mannered young ladies'n'gents I guess. Or perhaps pool policy?) He was grinning fit to burst his face. He said, "Sorry, I'm being SUCH a dork, but I can't help it. I'm so happy for you. It's so cool!"

Isn't he a sweetie?

The ladies in the water aerobics group age from late fifties to early nineties and not once have I felt excluded by them as a young whippersnapper. They're even really glad that I'll be taking an actual class tomorrow.

It's so nice being surrounded by happy positive people.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carb Happy.

First weight report in a while. As of this morning, I'm up to 245lbs. A gain over the last four weeks of 7 lbs. Now, we all know the games that scales can play. I'm pretty sure some of that is indeed legitimate weight/baby gain because when I weighed in last month I wore capri pants, rather than the winter weight trousers I had been wearing up to that point. And I maintained.

I weighed only three days ago, and I've "gained" 5 lbs since then. Mmmm...{licks lips} I certainly remember the carbfest I've had this week. What happens when I up my carb intake all of a sudden? Water weight! I also didn't sleep well, or long enough last two nights due to the fan being on and drying me out more than usual, and waking with very vivid lucid dreams/nightmares again. Blech.

Oh, and did I mention the lack of exercise the last four weeks?

All things to consider.

However, I am concerned enough about the "sudden" weight gain to start keeping a better eye on my cravings. Yes, I wanted those extra calories this week, but were there extra bites/drinks here and there that were no longer intuitive? Finishing a doughnut off every time is different to stopping with even only one or more bites to go, you know, when I'm actually full. Have I been eating a little too much of an evening to stave off the possible 4am HUNGRY? How much of the Cottee's Coola Cordial did I really need to drink, and how much did I drink because I haven't had it in years?

Thankfully, it seems my body, all on its own, has stopped the craving for empty calories. Veggies are even back on the menu. ;) (That plus getting back to regular exercise should help with a more reasonable weight gain over the rest of the pregnancy. Funny how only one or two swims a week helped so much.)

Had a yummy breakfast this morning of chicken and egg fried rice...light on the rice. I also stuck to water on my drive to the doctor's office. Turns out this was a good thing. They sprung the Glucose Test on me.

Mine tasted like super strong but very flat Sprite/7-up. And it was so chilled it almost gave me a cold-induced headache. Even with that, towards the end of the cup it was starting to get a liiiitle sickly sweet. I've heard of people receiving this drink at room temperature. For those medical people out there who give anyone this drink should be convicted of torture! Even chilled, No Way could I chug it down like I've had people suggest doing. It was done in several large swallows over about 90-120 seconds. Not as bad as I'd been led to believe, but I could see how it could be soooo much worse!

My poor OBGYN, he told me that since he had to drink all that Gatorade/laxative mix for when he had his colonoscopy, he hasn't been able to look at that particular flavour of Gatorade since. Somehow, it appealed to my sense of justice that he had some idea of what us women go through with this particular test. LOL

Bad thing was, because they hadn't warned me, I had nothing to read except those gossipy magazines they have in the waiting room. People actually pay to read that crap? And my post-visit snack in the car was a hot cross bun. Woulda bought cheese and crackers or something else if I'd known. {shrugs}

After they drew my blood (test results back on Monday) I headed off to the in-house cafeteria. I wasn't hungry per se, but I needed protein and liquid or I was gonna puke or something equally horrid. I HATE sugar crashes. Weird thing was, they wouldn't let me order the hamburger I wanted without any of the side orders. I HAD to choose one, even though I told them I wasn't going to eat it. So, the perfectly lovely, chock full o' chunky veggies, bowl of minestrone sat on my tray as I savoured my plain 2% milk while waiting for my burger to cook.

Glad I didn't attempt the soup, I couldn't finish the burger as it was. BIGGEST bloody hamburger I've EVER seen! God I wish I'd had my camera. I swear! The hamburger patty was as thick as a porterhouse steak and a good 4 and a half inches wide. I had to take out half the veggies just so I could bite into it! Was REALLY nice that it didn't come with any condiments on it. I could put the bare minimum tomato sauce on it to allow for moisture without getting more of a sugar overload.

I kept nodding off on the drive home, no surprise there, I did it on the drive in too. I was up HOURS before my usual rise'n'shine time.

Oh, and Kiddlywink played funny buggers with me and the doc today. At about 9am on the drive in I felt several long groups of flutters. Turns out during that time dear darling child managed to flip 180 deg so that where we expected the heartbeat to be found, there was none. I kept my cool only because of those flutters I'd felt. Eventually he found the heartbeat. Funnily enough, right about where Alaskaboy and I felt that strong POKE earlier this week.

I intended to swim this afternoon, but am feeling a little drained after that glucose test. Am thinking it's probably smarter to go in the morning instead.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Bummer! Plus Debut of the Dork Mermaid!

My lovely frilly bathers arrived. I discovered a crop top underneath was necessary for decency's sake, thankfully before I left the bedroom. But I decided to wait out a couple of days bed rest, due to spotting, before going swimming.

I even bought new pool shoes from Costco so I could do some more of the pool walking I'd enjoyed last month.

And then, those wonderful witch hazel wipes were doing such a good job, I completely forgot I had a haemorrhoid while showering and somehow managed to scrub just so with my washcloth that all of a sudden I had a bleeding 'rrhoid. First time ever. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Ahh, the glamorous side of pregnancy.

OBGYN's receptionist suggested I see a proctologist and gave me a couple numbers to try. Wait time? Over a week.(During which time the bleeding would probably stop anyway.) So, I did some research on the internet and asked around family and friends for those that had experienced one before, and they all suggested ingest lots of fluids and fibre plus keep using the witch hazel wipes, even perhaps getting some witch hazel liquid to pat on there to help speed the healing/closing along. Apaprently, proctologist is mainly to check nothing else is going on other than a 'rrhoid.

After the bleeding stopped I waited over a week, still using the wipes for good measure, until I felt confident enough of a scab/closure to attempt a swim. So badly did I want to go for a swim this particular day, I put my swimsuit on the minute I go out of bed. I had to put it on in a hurry because I had to go to the bathroom RIGHT THEN. And during that morning bathroom trip I discovered the first great thing about a two piece swimsuit. LOL.

Strangely, all I wanted for breakfast that morning was a donut and a small amount of leftover spaghetti. Turned my nose up completely at the half chicken breast I'd PLANNED on having with the spag, even waiting half an hour afterward to see if I wanted it. Nuh.

So off to the pool I went. Finishing my bottle of Gatorade before I even got there! WTF? I guess it's been dry recently. Luckily I had two bottles of water as well. I chucked on my pool shoes, amused to notice I was colour coordinated, and went out to the pool. The lifeguard asked where I'd been. I explained about having to wait a while for new swimsuit due to the other one no longer fitting because of pregnancy. He was pleased to see me back.

He also kept a little closer eye on me than normal just to make sure I was okay. I know this because I'd stopped to catch my breath at the other end from normal, also talked a little with the guy in the next lane, and the lifeguard came up to ask if I was all right. When I told him that I get out of breath quicker, he laughed and suggested I should get the baby to help me kick.

When I told him I'd got the shoes to do walking in the water, he said that was also probably why I was having more trouble swimming. Wearing shoes = hard to swim. Oh yeah!! Of course! D'oh! Not only is Kiddlywink helping me ride extra high in the water, the pool shoes make my feet float so my kicking isn't anywhere near as efficient.

{preens} I do know that I'm an excellent example of increasing displacement = more bouyancy at the moment though. Made me feel less stupid when I realised the practical implications of that and how easy it was to take the shoes off (and put back on) while in the water. Especially shoes that when tugged underwater float in a convenient position to be put on!

But I can honestly say, I don't know how people swim comfortably in these tankini thingies! A frilly skirted one piece is bad enough with the excess material floating about and interfering with strokes. But when that excess material floats up your midriff and TICKLES you while swimming as well? WTF!

After two laps I gave up. All hail the Dork Mermaid! Crop top underneath tankini plus tankini top tucked into bottoms, with bottoms doing their best Steve Urkel trousers impression AND to top it all off, hair that woulda done a toddler proud with all the little pony tails I needed to keep it outta my face. Honestly, other than the pregnant bits, I looked like I was playing dress up in my big sister's swimsuit.

BUT it got the job done! I could swim and walk comfortably, I only needed to retuck myself in every six laps or so...

And when I got home? I inhaled two donuts, then some Vita Brits with hot milk. My meals this week do seem to be having an inordinate amount of fat and carbs* in them. (Is about this point bubba starts to put on fat/weight, so am guessing that's a normal thing.) But because I went swimming on top of that? I was voracious! Meals are still the same size, but I'm now definitely eating 6 meals a day rather than 4-5.

And drinking? Being a mouth breather with the increased respiratory of a pregnant woman plus the weather is now heating up...I'm going through three applications of a Aveeno lip balm a night AND minimum 800mls of water. But, now that I figured that out, I'm sleeping much better, with surprisingly less wakeups of a night and less pee trips overall during the whole day. Can only conclude that drinking to my fill each time I wake up over the course of the night means my body's no longer forcing me to drink a whole liter in the hour prior to bedtime out of fear of becoming dehydrated over night. Smart body..silly me for taking weeks to figure it out!

EDIT: *Of course, this post took me two days to write, and because I mentioned the bit about the carbfest? Today happens to be Protein Pig Out Day! Figures!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poke-A-Boo. (And Belly Photos)

"When you feel the baby move, you'll know."

HA! I say.

That was a flutter; could it be? {ten seconds later} FAAAAART! Oh. Guess not.

"Lay on your side for about half an hour after having a sugary or caffeinated drink". . . . . .Nothing.

"Oh, the baby wakes me up of a night already." The only thing that wakes ME up is my bladder.

"Mine's a cervix stomper!" Oh, yeah. {wince} Mine did that only a few times...that one day...over a month ago. (Thank God!)

"I still don't know if it's the baby moving or if it's Braxton Hicks Contractions I'm feeling." You and me both, lady!

Don't get me wrong, I have been feeling flutters, muscle twinges and movements that aren't normal for my non-pregnant self to feel, just never when I'm "s'posed" to. And never quite like anyone else describes their movements either. So, I haven't been sure of what I'm feeling at all. I know, I know, everyone's individual. But all the cool kids know the movements. I'm s'posed to be so intuitive, why can't I TELLL!!

I reckon I deserve a medal. Why? When we were out shopping about two weeks ago at some computer store, I saw not only stethoscopes but also baby heartbeat monitor amplifier thingies. It's like a teeny little speaker you put on your belly and if you position it right you can hear the swoooshswooshswoosh of the foetus's heartbeat. Please note operative words in that last sentence: If you position it correctly. Yeah. That was the main reason we didn't get one. I could just imagine me playing chase the heartbeat. And getting more and more worked up if I couldn't position it correctly. Lookit that! Wisdom; learning to recognise my limitations. Yay me! LOL

But I've been driving me and Alaskaboy nuts lately. Whenever I HAVE felt flutters/pings/twinges etc I let him know and he comes running over to try and feel any movement from the outside. Now, I know that being fatter makes this a little harder to do, especially since my uterus now extends up above my belly button. (Creepy sensation if I lean against the sink while doing dishes.)

The last week or two we've both kinda sorta felt stuff, but weren't really sure what was my internal bits doing their gurgles and normal twitches and what was Kiddlywink. The ones I've recognised the best is when s/he is poking over and over again, like a record stuck in a groove, against a nerve. If you've ever had a muscle or nerve tic, it's like that but slower and arrhythmical. With a good dash of the butterflies-in-your-stomach sensation thrown in for good measure.

The ones that feel like barely a flutter at all are the ones Alaskaboy can feel better as Kiddlywink turns over or moves, thus making the muscles of my lower abdomen move. Alaskaboy says it's almost like feeling a muscle tense, but more that the muscles rolls ever so slightly, like a whale broaching the surface for a breath.

Last week we got the giggles because he'd poke and I'd feel Kiddlywink flutter in response. Poke. Tickle. Poke. Tickle. Yeah, Kiddlywink is its father's child. They're ganging up on me already! But it's cool that they're "playing" games together already. We've termed it Poke-a-Boo.

Then, last night, Kiddlywink was really active. So active that I could definitely tell that it was the baby moving and not wishful thinking or a product of my digestive system. So, we assumed the position that seems to work best for us, (Sitting or standing behind me with his hands on my lower belly were okay, but awkward to hold for long.) Me, lying on my left side, holding my belly outta the way so he can easily get his hands on as much of the actual abdomen wall as possible, and him lying on his side facing me. And, instead of waiting tensely for movement, we carried on with our conversation. You know, as if that'd trick Kiddlywink into coming out to play or something? LOL

I could feel plenty of flutters and odd sensations, but he was having no luck. After about 5 minutes I decided to lay on my back. (Not supposed to at this point, but the OBGYN puts me on my back for tests etc, surely we could do it for a short while too!) The position I got comfy in was on my back but supported by pillows in various odd positions, so I wasn't really laying flat at all.

In this position Alaskaboy could get his whole palm flatter on my abdominal wall (cause it was easier for me to hold belly outta the way) and was confident enough to press a little firmer. He definitely felt several twitches that way. Then keeping his palm flat he bent his fingers in a firmer poke. A few seconds later, simultaneously I said "URK!" and he said "WOW!"

Alaskaboy said it felt like when you put your hand against someone's face and they poke their tongue into their cheek. But pointier! Was most certainly an ankle, elbow or knee. For me? Weird fucking feeling lemme tell you! I can't really describe it. Yes it's a poke, but from the inside! My muscles were pressed outwards. Some Other being inside is moving independently of me.

There weren't any other pokes back, but there was wriggling going on for the few more gentle pokes he gave. So what does he do next? Lays perpendicular to me with his head down on my belly and listens. We both go completely silent and completely still. He lays there for a good 2 or 3 minutes getting used to the sounds of my digestion, learning which is muscle movement from my breathing and which is from the bubba. All of a sudden he sits up and says, "That is SO cool!"

"What? Did you feel that movement did you?"

"No. I HEARD it! It's kinda like when you're laying in the bath or floating in a pool and you move something through the water. That swishy swoosh sound. I heard two distinct swish swish sounds."

Sure enough he put his head back down and listened again; whenever he moved a finger to indicate he'd heard a swish sound, it coincided with me feeling an extra big fluttery movement. How cool is that?

And then I got the giggles because they really ganged up on me. "Go on, get her. Get Mummy!" he said. And several things along that line. And every time he spoke, BIIIG Wriggles happened. "Tickle, Mummy, tickle her!" And he tickled me on the outside as Kiddlywink wriggled on the inside. No Fair! {grin}

Today, I woke up a couple hours before I normally do, and lo and behold, lots of wriggling again. I'm guessing that not only is Kiddlywink bigger now and can press harder, but I've been sleeping through one of the most active parts of his/her day. Morning kid, just like the father. {sigh}

This is us on February 16th, 2009. (Kiddlywink is 16 and a half weeks big.)

And us again, one month later, 16th March, 2009. (23 and a half weeks.)
Same top, same trousers, 1 cup size bigger bra, shorter haircut. Not sure about weight will check that tomorrow, if I remember. ;)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Virtual Baby Shower

One of the less fun parts about being pregnant is that we're so far away from everyone. We were kinda bummed about no engagement party, no wedding shower and no bachelor/ette parties, but no baby shower as well? That's really crappy. And no, not just because any presents we receive have to be sent via mail.
It really sucks missing out on the actual gathering; stories/games/advice and HUGS etc you get at a baby shower.

We're already trying as best we can to include friends and relatives who live far away by emailing belly and ultrasound pictures. We're even contemplating buying one of those heartbeat monitor/amplifiers so that the interested parties can hear the Kiddlywink's heartbeat over the phone. Today we took another step forward, we've decided to videotape us opening presents.

We received some presents for Kiddlywink at Christmas time and another package arrived from my Nanna today. Knowing that she's really disappointed her doctor put so many conditions in place that made it all but impossible for her to come, we figured the least we could do was video us opening her gift and send her a cd/dvd of it.

Then we figured, why not do it for every present? My more mature side suggested waiting until closer to the due date, keeping any gifts we received in their boxes until the day of the Virtual Shower, but. . .NAH! We'll do a few segments of several packages per section. Not only because it'll be less chaotic, but look! Belly changes! And then we can edit it together into one show/er and send it to those that are interested. It's probably not THAT fun watching other people open presents, but it's the best we could think of to include everyone. (Especially since most can't come and visit, and my parents are only able to get two weeks vacation later in July.)

It definitely felt corny and a little awkward babbling at the video camera, hope we get a little less stilted as time goes by.

Anyone else have other suggestions we could do to help share this wonderful time with our friends/relatives?


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Switcheroo 1:
Even before it became popular, I'd refill my softdrink/juice bottles with water and cart them a round with me. Pretty much everyone who's met me in real life knows nowadays I always carry around a waist pack with two, 500ml, 750ml or 1L depending, bottles of water inside at all times. Once the worries about BPA became apparent and I researched just exactly why it's probably not a good idea to reuse plastic water drinking bottles, we ditched the very few no. 7 items we had in the house and we stopped reusing the no. 1 plastic water bottles.

Not only were we now buying the bulk pack of 2 * 2.5 gallon containers for household drinking (our water is so hard I get ill from it. For those that know to which I refer, it's WORSE than Adelaide water!) but also having to buy the bulk packs of the 500ml bottles for travel outside the home. Our recycling amounts increased but so too did the actual amount we spent on water.

We tried using travel mugs, but they didn't quite cut it. Mostly, because we had to be too careful to avoid spillage. And really, they didn't hold very much. A lot if it was coffee or a hot drink, not so much when it's cold water ya want. However, this week we found something wonderful! H2Ozone stainless steel water bottles. We didn't get them from ebay, but they're fabulous. They hold 800mls of water. Aren't recommended for hot liquids or acidic things though, so I'm guessing soda/juice are out. Previously, I'd pooh-poohed the few stainless steel bottles I'd seen because they looked like they'd weigh a ton once full of water. Surprisingly, these don't weigh all that much more than the plastic bottles ever did. So, yeah, a life long user of plastic bottles has switched to stainless steel. Go figure.

Switcheroo 2:
Ever since my mum took me to be fitted for my first brassiere I've been what's known as big chested. And as you all know now that I'm pregnant the cleavage could now be possibly said to resemble the Grand Canyon. Remember those new bathers that I ordered, and then had to wait three weeks for them because they were back ordered? To play it safe, I ordered a size 2W. Now 1W have been fitting me perfectly right now. 2W and 3W have been giving me a little room for the belly and boobage to progress over the next few months. But these bathers? The mannequin is not filling the cup very well at all. Well, she fits it better than I do! Truly! I'll need to wear a crop top under just to keep it within the bounds of decency.

Me! Small chested! So small chested that even when I tighten that string and tie the biggest damn bow you ever saw, I'm still hanging part way out the bottom of the cup. ROFLMAO After I got over my frustration I saw the funny side of it. Poor Alaskaboy, over the next few days, at random intervals, I'd say "I'm small chested!" and burst out laughing.

Switcheroo 3:
Tonight, we switched from our more usual roles for cooking. We were both in the mood for something simple yet wholesome, and of course tasty. :) Alaskaboy heated up some of the saffron rice he'd made last night. Along with that he steamed some broccoli and carrot and grilled a chicken breast.

Pretty sexy huh? Everything was cooked to perfection.

While we were out grocery shopping at Costco today, I would have sworn Alaskaboy was having a fit of PMS from the way he lunged towards the shelf of chocolate cakes. If he'd inhaled the delicious scent any harder, he may well have ended up with a cake cover lodged in each nostril! So,{evile grin} being the good lil' wifey that I am--of a Scotch-descent husband--I made thrifty husband's heart beat that little bit faster, by promising to make, instead of buy, him a chocolate cake.

A two layer...

chocolate fudge cake...

with no-cook chocolate fudge frosting, no less.

This is the first time I've frosted this cake, I must admit. Usually it's wonderful, but dangerously so, by itself. Especially since we don't even give it a chance to cool down but eat it as soon as it hits the cake cooling rack. But it was cake, icing and all that he wanted, so he got it. This version is so deliciously rich we've already cut one half into two and are freezing them for a later date. LOL

Switcheroo 4:
Oh! And when I go swimming this week, I probably won't be swimming. I've bought myself a pair of pool/water shoes and will most likely spend the majority of my pool time walking up and down the pool. If I happen to take our frilly shower cap from the bathroom and wear it at the pool? Or heaven forbid, get one like this? I'll know I've successfully managed to blend in with the old ducks doing water aerobics/walking. Mum figure, frilly bathers, good god, when did this happen? lol

Hmm, there was a 5th switcheroo, but I can't remember. Sheesh, pregnancy brain strikes again!

Ahh well, it's nearly midnight, I should be in bed anyway. Night all!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wii Fitness Coach.

Last month I negatively reviewed the Wii Fit. I also hinted that I'd be interested in purchasing it when, and if, the criticisms and weight loss emphasis disappeared from the program.

Fatgrrl has done a review of the Nintendo Wii's My Fitness Coach. For those that might be interested, it doesn't utilise the Balance Board, but it does seem to be an overall more encouraging program than the Wii Fit.

The first 30 minutes is a lot of measuring and testing and determining current fitness levels. At the end of the assessment, the virtual trainer appeared on screen and said to me, “It looks like you’re a bit over the average weight.” And as I was right in the middle of a big, sweeping arc of my eyes from one side to another, I hear her add, “But weight isn’t the be all end all of fitness.” (!!!!) “SHUT UP!!!” I yelled at the screen in disbelief.

Check out the rest of what Morgan had to say about the Wii Fitness Coach.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

As Promised: Souvlaki Pictures.

First up, my baker man doing his magic stuff.

And then how we dished it up on a plate to share:

Finally, how it looked in my hand, right before I attacked it teeth first:

The crust of the bread was crustier/crunchier than what we were expecting, but it didn't really detract from the enjoyment once we allowed for that difference. The flavour was excellent, of the bread and of the whole souvlaki, and I'm looking forward to some more for lunch tomorrow. :D


Whose Intuition? Mine or the Baby's?

The last time I remember eating a variety of vegetables in the one meal was when we had this Asian feast: smoked tuna in ginger and vegetable sushi, Korean spicy beef and vegetable gyoza, and Chinese vegetable and fried tofu stir fry in shiitake mushroom sauce.

The feast was mainly held in honour of celebrating our lovely new chopsticks and their pretty fish holders. LOL

Funnily enough, it was also the last meal that I enjoyed ginger. Now, if Alaskaboy bites into a gyoza/wonton--on the other side of the table--I have to lean as far away from him as I can until he swallows it and wafts the hint of ginger away. Another strong aversion I've had for months now is capsicum. So, it shocked me last night when I devoured a big bowl of the hungarian goulash I'd made the previous night.

Mostly I've been sticking with small amounts of simple-yet-calorie-dense things like this family sized meat pie and its overflow mini pies. (Mini-pie is sitting on a saucer. LOL)

I'm always interested in finding new, simple and tasty Indian side-dishes. Especially veggie ones. One night while making Chicken Tikka Masala, I was desperate to find a broccoli recipe to use up the almost-done-for large bag we'd forgotten about in the frigde. Frustratingly, a lot of broccoli dishes had a yoghurt sauce on them. Not so good when so does the CTM. Then we found this fabulous broccoli recipe. And wonder of wonders we actually had all the ingredients, even the urad dal we'd vaccumed sealed before leaving our last apartment and then let languish in the back of the pantry.

The recipe went down a treat with the CTM but not so crash hot with the spicy lentil hot pot the next night. What did go well with the spicy lentil hot pot though? Well, when we were shopping at the Indian grocery store for the red lentils, not only did I find some halal jelly/jello made with vegetable gums, but I also found gorgeous baby eggplants that I just could not resist. Literally. We were standing in line to pay as the guy was bagging up our purchases, and I had to run back to the fridge section and get them.

Upon finding this recipe, I then turned these

into this lovely meal. (Unfortunately, the picture on the recipe looks better than mine. pout. I also added in a can of chickpeas because I'd only measured out half the lentils. sigh.)

But it did taste good and the fresh fruit salad for dessert finished off what I realised later was a completely vegan meal.

After those spicy nights, my body went back to wanting uncomplicated flavours again.

Ever since the night when I made that fruit salad three weeks ago though, it's like some sort of fruit switch has been tripped somewhere. I can't get enough fruit! We were out shopping one fairly hot night and it was around dinner time, but all I wanted was a fruit smoothie. So, we called in to get one. I got one that was based on pine/orange juice with yoghurt, pineapple pieces, strawberry pieces and substituted mango pieces for the banana that they offered. I begrudgingly shared about a third of it with Alaskaboy but it pretty much ended up being all I had for dinner that night.

Again, a few days later we were out shopping, I got a smaller size of the same flavour, and also got one that was mango juice based that also had strawberries, mangoes and this time I swapped pineapple in for the bananas. After looking at the price we'd just paid for the drinks, and realising how hooked I am on this particular smoothie at the moment, we went and bought fresh orange juice, fresh pineapple juice, frozen mango and pineapple pieces, and we already had the frozen strawberries and icecream to finish it off. Lunchtime two days ago, I made a two litre smoothie. Alaskaboy got one glass out of it, and then it was all gone by afternoon tea time yesterday. LOL

Over the course of two breakfasts, we've eaten a whole cantaloupe, an apple, banana, pear and two kiwi fruits. (Me again with the lion's share.) Now, you all know I'm usually not this big on fruit. I'm guessing Kiddlywink adores fruit then?

Tonight, we're going for something a little complicated. Alaskaboy is doing his first attempt at baking Turkish bread. To go with it, I've made tabbouleh, greek-style marinated NZ lamb shanks, and tzatziki. Home made souvlakis! Hopefully they'll turn out well. Will get a picture up as soon as I can. Promise.

I had also intended to write about more than food this post. (the original title was Me? Small Chested? but this has gotten long enough I'll save the other stuff for a post tomorrow, or something.)

Hope you're all eating well. Has the weather affected your appetites at all? The goulash I made in sympathy after reading about the severe snowstorms forecast for this week in the northeast. LOL