Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've noticed this trend lately too.

I'm reading more urban fantasy romance/paranormal romance etc type books than I've ever read before in my life. Most of them have smart, sassy heroines. (Although I admit to annoyance that they're often either into brand name clothes or clueless about fashion, doesn't seem to be a middle ground on this one.)

Conversely, I'm watching less romantic comedies than I ever have before.


This rant
and this one sum up my feelings nicely.

I must admit, I'm eager to go back and watch some of the old movies mentioned in the article. It'd be SO nice to see a heroine(and/or hero) that isn't peurile.

(Thanks to Kate Elliott for the link. It also saved me writing out an all too similar blog post I'd been planning for awhile.)

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