Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cheap Wet Frills.

After realising that the new size G bra I bought the other week actually fits, I grudgingly had to admit that my bathers/swimsuit no longer do. Well, that plus the pubes playing peekaboo out the side of the bigger-belly-caused gaping leg holes. {sigh}

So, when I saw the only tankini I'd considered possibly buying was now on special, I caved in and bought it. Then when I checked the delivery status a few days later, turns out they've had to back order it. 1-3 weeks before it'll ship. GRRRRR! Where's my instant gratification, people? I reluctantly decided I wanted those frills now they were in my price range and yet you're keeping them from me! Those are my girly girl frills, give it to me, and give it to me noooow!

Besides, after re-reading through Claire Timmermans' How To Teach Your Baby To Swim, I'm all keen to get me and Kiddlywink in the pool and not just because I love to swim. (I don't know how much kids retain knowledge from within the womb, but if going regularly helps him/her get used to the sounds from the pool, however muted, then that can only be a good thing.)I'm so glad I kept this book. (And that Mum let me have her copy when I left home.) Not only because it helped solved the dilemma of where to put the baby bathtub (don't need one) but it also will come in handy during the hot, hot, HOT months Kiddlywink is a newborn. I remember bottle feeding young babies during during the summer months as a nanny were pretty awful, we both ended up sweaty and grouchy by the time the feed was done. This way, we'll both get in the bath and stay cool.

I'll have to ask Mum how much of the info in this book she actually used with my brother and I. As far back as I can remember we've both loved the water and have never really had more than a sensible fear/precaution about new swimming sites. I'm sure she used at least some of them, because I clearly remember turning somersaults at a young age in the old, very deep clawed-foot bathtub we had at the time. I also remember being in the bath with Mum, no idea what age I was, with my head resting on her stomach while I floated on my back and tried to make her laugh. Because, when she laughed her fat belly would do these great big jiggles, creating all these wonderful waves and my head bobbed up and down. It was the FUNNIEST thing to me at the time. (Wow, just realised that's a positive fat memory I have locked in my subconscious. Without Mum's belly, I bet her giggling wouldn't have been half as fun. Same as the fadoobadas her and Nan had made blowing really juicy raspberries on their upper arms so much fun!)

Thankfully, Alaskaboy is keen for us to teach the kids to swim/float as early as possible.(Ha! Really early, two-three weeks of age in the bathtub. LOL) He's not a confident or a strong swimmer. Growing up in Alaska it never really got warm enough to need to learn to swim. Sure, they'd go splash around in the nearby lakes or at beaches when on vacation, but he didn't actually learn to swim until he was in high school. He does envy the way I'm at home in the water--There's a reason on occasion he affectionately calls me His Little Otter--and he wants that confidence for our own kids. (Assuming they oblige and actually like the water, of course.) Perhaps, with both of us involved in teaching them to swim in the bathtub and in the pool, it'll help increase his water confidence a little too. :)

Hmm..some of the exercises, such as getting in from the side of the pool, are gonna be a little difficult practicing in the bath tub. Swim diapers only come in sizes as small as 16lbs. (Which is about 4 months or so). I wonder if a cloth diaper would be good earlier than that? Like the disposable swim diapers it would catch any solids but allow the liquids through.

Ack, waffling on. Sorry, just excited over the thought of introducing Kiddlywink and any future siblings to a love of water and exercise. (Also really like the tandem bike with baby seat on board that Alaskagirl and BeeMaN had/have. Will seriously consider that too once s/he's old enough.) If we have separate bikes I can't keep up with Alaskaboy, fit bastard that he is! Although, I'm sure a tandem bike will be a little difficult to fit in the ensuite shower, especially with our other two bikes crammed in there already! LOL

Hmm..all this dreaming about future exercise and swimming has REALLY made me want to go for a swim today. I wonder if I'm brave enough to go in just a pair of bike shorts and a crop top...if they'd allow the non-swimsuit materials in the pool anyway.

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