Monday, January 19, 2009

Yucken McFingers.

Seeing Alaskaboy pull out the bag of fish fingers (aka fish sticks) from the freezer, I had the sudden urge to make some a chicken schnitzel to go along with my share of the chippies. After calculating how long it'd take to cook, I changed my mind to chicken fingers.

I defrosted the chicken breast in the microwave, sliced it into strips, double crumbed them and then tossed them into a heated skillet. Only problem? The chicken was still partially frozen, and the pan was too hot. Both batches ended up charcoal on the outside...

...and half raw on the inside. Luckily I sliced one to check doneness before removing it from the pan.

So yeah, burnt crust chicken fingers that were then microwaved to ensure cooked innards. Crunchy and rubbery at the same time = worst chicken fingers I've ever tasted! EVER! And that's saying something. And I made them. LOL See, chefs screw things up royally too. And yes, I have been known to boil dry a boiled egg on at least two occasions.

Even smothered in tomato sauce/ketchup these fingers weren't edible, but I ate them anyway...saving my chips for last.

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