Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kiddy Foods

Other than sitting around reading, (trying to get my brain back into writing mode by reading in the genre I'm currently writing) and wishing the weather would bring winter back, I've found I have a renewed interest in food. Particularly foods from my childhood. When not making particular favourites, I'm talking about other foods we ate, or asking everyone else what they remember eating as a kid. Or wanting to know what rules were involved in the eating of food. Did you have to finish all on your plate before dessert? Was a good effort enough to allow dessert? Was dessert even an option or more of a special type of thing for birthdays or holidays? Did you go through phases of avid likes and dislikes? etc etc.

After months of being disappointed by the lack of vegetarian or beef options found in the freezer aisle of our local asian grocery stores, I decided to give in and make some of my own. Make something I've always been afraid to cook because of how fiddly they are. Score 1 point. Receive a "secret" family recipe I've lusted after for years now. Score another point. And coincidentally, talk to a friend about her childhood memories of making them. Another point! Satisfy my craving for soup now the weather had cooled a little? Score! Also, be able to spend quality time with my husband while he's on vacation. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

First up we made Wontons! Just enough to make our soup for dinner and after we'd eaten we used up the remaining wrappers then froze them.

With some mixture remaining of both the beef and chicken fillings we made, we elected to try the trickier option. Gyoza! Alaskaboy even made the dough for them.

Here's me making my second ever gyoza...again, we won't talk about how much better Alaskaboy's turned out than mine. Harumph! (Let's just say he made potstickers and I made potsuckers!)

If you look closely enough, top left, you might be able to make out the frozen chicken sitting on the far left hand side of the deep freezer. With it, Alaskaboy and I had fun, again, making something we'd never made before.

Fried Chicken! Must say, I'm not a huge fan of the stuff in general, (only ever found one commercial variety I'll eat and loathe KFC, always have) but this I could stand to put on the menu occasionally. Home made fried chicken is pretty damn tasty. We used Alton Brown's Pan Fried Chicken recipe. We did accidentally put in 2 Tbs in stead of 2 tsp of garlic...so we'll just adjust that down a little next time. LOL

Speaking of childhood foods. Walking through the cheese aisle on the way to the checkout earlier this week, I was struck by a sudden and intense craving. I'd guess this was one of my, admittedly few so far, True Pregnancy Cravings. Completely out of the blue my body demanded Cocoa Krispies / Coco Pops...for lunch. Yes people, I had to go via the cereal aisle, pick up a box of chocolatey sugary cereal and then when I got home eat the biggest bloody bowl of them you could believe. I swear it was easily three cups that I ate. Other than the occasional chocolate crackle, I reckon I haven't had Coco Pops in twenty years! Yes, pregnancy does odd things to you indeed.

(p.s. new writing blog post here.)

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Amanda said...

Your wantons look really good! I made some with my old housemate last year- they were rather tasty :)

In my house, there was dessert on offer. I'm pretty sure the rule was we had to finish it all- although at my Nanna's house, if we were making a fuss, she'd seperate part of the meal and say if we ate *that*, we could have dessert :)