Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feeling Hippy.

I bought a prenatal yoga dvd last week. Like walking and swimming I was amazed at how soon I got puffed. Doc says it's normal to start puffing sooner when pregnant due to an increased respiration rate. (More blood in body means need to breathe faster to help pump it all around.) Normal it may be, but it's friggin' annoying! What's even more annoying is that, even though I love it, I've only been able to do it once this week.

One of the other common complaints in pregnancy is aches and pains in your joints. The major problem I'm having is with my right hand side sacroiliac joint. Luckily, I have a friend who is a physiotherapist. {waves. Hiya, Gryph!} She helped to give me some coping strategies: No slouching on chairs/sofas; no sitting with my legs curled up beside me on the couch; no standing hipshot. Plus, I've started using my yoga ball as my dining table chair. And also sitting on it whenever I feel an ache coming on.

All of this has made such a huge difference. Also, thinking that perhaps the weight of my belly--which the baby bump plus my normal fat is about as big as a thinner woman would be when closer to 7-8 months pregnant--could be contributing to the pain, I went and bought a bella band. It feels like I'm wearing a crotchless girdle or bike shorts over my clothes. LOL Again this has helped, but during my night time trips to the bathroom and of a morning when I get up, I'm hobbling like an old lady.

Figuring out how long it's been since we turned the mattress also made me wonder if THAT was part of the problem too. So three nights ago we turned it. Doing so, plus using some thicker pillows under my knees, tummy and a smaller one I could snuggle like a teddy bear, helped. Two nights ago, the pain was worse. Last night, last night was horrendous.

Ever been camping without even a thin rubber mattress? Or had to sleep on the floor several nights in a row? If so, I'm guessing you've experienced that awful burning pain on your shoulders, sides of your hips or lower back. I tried several different pillows over the past 3 weeks trying to stop the sore shoulders, but nothing worked. So I gave that up as something I'd just have to suffer through until baby is born. The hips. They're another matter altogether.

As has happened a few times recently, when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom last night I found that I limp my way to the toilet. Oddly enough, the first trip was my left hip giving me problems. When I stood up from the toilet...huge effort required...all I could do was stand there with all my weight on my right leg hoping the left hip would decide to stay in its socket. About ten very long seconds later it stayed put and I could make my way back to bed.

My second trip four hours later was a nightmare. It was the right hip this time. Same procedure as before, but I forgot to wash my hands this time. I paused int eh doorway to the bedroom and those four extra steps I'd need to go wash my hands and return to my current position were unthinkable.

I burst into tears. Turning around was agony. Leaning over to wash my hands, indescribable. By the time I made it back to bed I was sobbing. Sobbing so hard that I woke Alaskaboy up, despite his earplugs. (Apparently, about a month ago I started snoring really badly. The only other times I snore like this is when I'm drunk. Drunken snoring every night. Poor bugger.)

As I was laying there sobbing and he's rubbing my hip muscles trying to ease the ache it suddenly occurred to me, it had happened before we left but it never happened while we were at my Mom- and Dad-in-law's house, and it's reoccurred since we've come back home. Sure I had a different kind of sore back because a) we were sleeping in a double bed, b) the double bed had been mostly used by single people which meant c) we were sleeping uphill trying not to roll into the divot in the centre and d) the mattress was too soft. Once Dad and Alaskaboy stuck a board under the bed, it was great. Soft but firm.

Coincidentally the last time I'd sobbed about my hips aching was also 5:30am, but at Alaskagirl's house. They have a sofa bed that has a thinner foam mattress with a board underneath. Hmmm...what do sleeping on a floor and sleeping on a thin mattress covered board have in common with our new mattress? If you guessed too hard, then you'd be correct. The bloody mattress is too hard, and when we turned it around, thinking to improve the situation, we actually worsened it by removing the hip divot I'd dug for myself in the time we've had it.

BLOODY HELL! No wonder I'd go to bed feeling only a little achy and with my hips all nicely in position...and wake up in agony. My brain supplied a solution, and knowing Alaskaboy wouldn't be able to sleep on an airbed for the next five months, it only made me cry harder. I LIKE sleeping in the same bed as him, I don't want to have to sleep in another room. (Pretty ironic since one of the bloggers I read would love to have separate rooms from her hubby due to sensory issues.)

Eventually I calmed down enough and Alaskaboy helped me claw my way down the hallway. (Narrow hallways are good for supporting walking!) Then I sat on the yoga ball for twenty minutes. I would have sat longer but I was starving after my sob fest, and because dinner last night had been smallish. So I made some eggs on toast and chatted with Alaskaboy as I sat on the ball some more.

We were both up for the day as we'd gone to bed by 10:30 last night. Well, it ended up HE was up for the day. Once the eggies settled into my tummy, my eyelids kept sinking lower and lower, and blinking slower and slower. So as a test run he set the airbed up in the loungeroom and once I snuggled up with my army of pillows I was out like a light.

For FOUR hours!

I slept so deeply I woke up with a fuzzy muddled feeling in my head. And my hip? it hurt a little, but I could walk, no problems at all. If the problem comes back then I'll probably have to buy one of those belts that support the SI joint. So I'm really hoping that the airbed is soft enough yet also has enough support that I don't have to go through that again or buy yet another gizmo. (Maternity clothes etc are expensive enough, thankee koindly!)

And ya know what? The hip feels up to doing yoga this evening. Hooray!

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