Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Okay, That Was OFFICIALLY Weird!

On the way home from my swim this morning, I had a sudden urge for a meat pie. Knowing I wasn't hungry due to my post swim snack of almonds and dried mango, had eaten plenty of beef recently, and was unable to GET a pie without making it myself, I acknowledged the urge then let it go.

I got home and hung out the various bits to dry and chucked my bathers in a portable sink to be hand washed. Then, feeling a little out of sorts, neither hungry, tired enough to nap, nor motivated enough to do anything else, I jumped online to catch up on anything I may have missed over the weekend. No emails other than junk. Only a few updates on websites. I guess everyone else is in the middle of being busy too. I've heard that happens this time of year. {wink}

Eventually enough time passed that I was hungry. But I really didn't know what I wanted. HATE that! I did my best impression of a teenager, staring wistfully into every single food cupboard in the kitchen. I even stood with the door to the fridge open for a good five minutes. . .and closed it, still empty handed!

{cue gusty sigh}

Even better was my other impression; a teenager being blind to the absolute disaster in the kitchen, even though it was on my chores list for the weekend. LOL

When my stomach suggested lasagne (Again! I'd already had four serves since I made it on Friday!) I went along with that as it was easiest. Pulled a hunk out of the freezer, unwrapped it, dumped it on a plate and microwaved it. It wasn't quite heated through after the first go, so I put it on for a few more minutes, and wandered around trying to find something interesting to do. Cross stitch? Nah. Mario Galaxy? Nope. Read? Read everything already.

Ohh, I know. I'm hungry. Really hungry. And I want mustard pickles! No, not pickles and cheese or chicken, just a pickles sandwich! With those yummy chunks of cauliflower in it! {drooool}

So I made that up and shoved it in so fast I think I forgot to breathe.

Finally the lasagne was warmed up. . .except I'd overheated it. It was a lean beef sauce to start with, so there wasn't a lot of grease in it. Now that I'd overnuked it, a lot of the sauce had been absorbed into the pasta, leaving behind well-flavoured meaty bits in only a little bit of sauce. And the yummy crunchy cheesy bit on top was even crunchier! I chopped the lasagne up to allow it to cool quicker. But had to wait a few minutes till I could eat.

The first bite was not nice, it was dry. Hmmm. So, I did what I do sometimes when the mood strikes with reheated vegetable lasagne, I put ketchup/tomato sauce on top. And you wanna know the REALLY weird thing? Somehow. . .with the sauce, meat chunks, the soft noodle bits plus the intermittent crunchy bit from the top layer of lasagne. . .it tasted exactly like, and had the mouth feel of, a meat pie.

I shit you not! The more I ate the more it was like a pie. It probably helped that my nose was a little stuffy after the swim, but I'll swear on anything you want me to swear on, it was like a meat pie. (And no, I wasn't drunk, high, or under the influence of a hypnotist or some weird meat pie cult.)

Good news is, it satisfied my pie craving and now I don't have to make one. But it definitely would have to be one of my weirdest meals ever!

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