Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh For F's Sake!

I'm at 9 weeks pregnant today. The maternity bras I ordered online, thanks to being unable to find any that fit in any shop around here, arrived today. Since I grew out of my my old bras (40DD) I've been wearing XL sports bras/crop tops. Unfortunately since about a week ago, they really don't offer enough support for daytime wear, so I've been walking very gently recently. Now those bras are only good for sleeping in, which believe you me is a necessity.

The three bras that I ordered; 38-42F, 42-46F from the normal people section, and a 42F* in what they call the Supreme section. (A nice way of saying for us bigger lassies.) Now, the supreme bra I ordered as an afterthought, assuming because my measurements were correct that I'd fit into the other Original nursing bras.


I really don't know WHY I would think such a thing. I've always been in the super sturdy, thick straps'n'umpteen million hooks kind of bra. Thus, it always amuses me in the movies when the hero undoes the heroine's bra with only one hand. Even Houdini couldn't undo MY bra with only one hand! OF COURSE once again I'm in the super duper curvalicious section. None of that croptopesque nursing bras for me. We need some serious hydraulic support now!

And of course, the bras only come in white and a skin tone-kind of colour that they term butterscotch. (Ya know, it's still old lady blah! No matter what you call it!) No black, pink, blue, green, or heaven forfend leopard print, or some other colour for us bigger girls. No, we get white and blah. But ya know, I find myself falling into the properly grateful frame of mind that us fat girls are supposed to be in. . .because after all they at least have bras in my size!

And grateful I truly am. I now know exactly how The Diva felt when she first tried on Otto Titsling's new creation! LOL

*And I'm an F already? Holy crap what's it gonna be like when my milk comes in!

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