Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Not Pickles And Ice Cream. . .It's Weirder!

After my lasagne cum meat pie episode the other day, I thought I could safely assume that would be the weirdest my eating would get. Ahhh, nope.

Today for lunch I wanted the leftover tuscan beans with sage (chickpeas/garbanzo beans, diced tomatoes, sage, garlic, lemon juice, simmered till it's a sauce). That in itself is not weird. I normally throw a dash of fresh ground black pepper on it and serve it over pasta shapes of some kind.

After how much pasta I've eaten lately, I felt like eating it with buttered toast today. The pepper wasn't quite doing it for me, so I added in some parmesan cheese. A bit of beans then a bite of toast...tasty, but still not right.

What I really fancied was Vegemite toast.

I spread some on, assuming I'd eat it after I finished the beans.

But after a couple more spoonfuls of beans, I knew I had to eat the toast WITH the beans.


Not alongside, as in alternating bites. Literally spoon some on to the toast and eat that! Then repeat.

God it was good. Weird, oddly nauseating to look at yet very tasty.

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