Thursday, November 13, 2008

That Wasn't There Before!

Of course, the major reason I'm really not so keen on the exercise at the moment, which I can't tell you yet, is that I'm waiting for the all clear from my doc as to what exercise is okay for me to do. I had a bit of a scare last weekend when most of the few pregnancy symptoms I've been having went away.

I mean, I could not only stand facing the shower spray, but my nipples were perfectly fine with being touched by the bath towel. WTF? Sure I still had that heavy, slightly crampish feeling in my lower belly, and my boobs eventually shifted to feeling tender in a different spot than that had been but that was about it. Oh! And Sunday afternoon I had this weird bout of dry retching and feeling nauseous for about half an hour. I'm guessing it was my first, and only so far, go at morning sickness.

Although, there are some times when I do feel nauseous, but I've figured out that it means I'm hungry and eating pretty much stops it cold. Speaking of eating, my eating habits also changed pretty drastically over the weekend. I went from my beef and greens love fest to an orgy of carbs. I mean, literally a carb orgy: Four plain white rolls and a handful of hot chips for dinner on Sunday night, with half a can of Sprite to wash it down with! From then up until today it's been all about plain and simple foods. Chicken with mashed potatoes. Chicken with rice. Chicken with bread. Mashed sardines on toast. And some meals I didn't even feel hungry or know what to have when I WAS slightly hungry. Last night, Alaskaboy was home early enough to cook dinner. I had so little interest in food that I washed dishes while HE cooked. And I didn't interfere once! No Way! I hear you say. Yes Way!

He did make a delightful tofu puff and veg stir fry. Which I ate and enjoyed as much as one can with not much appetite. Not much appetite also came from a bit of a binge I had yesterday. Over the course of the afternoon I had two packets of Korean seaweed and about half a packet of dark chocolate McVitie's Digestives. I'm pretty sure the binge was equal parts relief, fear, and impatience.

Relief: I took another pregnancy test on Monday, and the positive line came up even before the control line! (Last week I had to wait a little bit after the control line.)
Fear: Is the baby viable? Will we hear a heartbeat at the ultrasound etc plus all the usual fears of a pregnant woman. And, why don't I have many symptoms?
Impatience: I know my doctor's appointment is this Friday afternoon, and she'll be able to confirm the pregnancy with blood tests but the system sucks! Why do I have to see my GP to get a referral to see my OBGYN? It's stupid! But, I'm also trying to wait as long before official tests so that when I do get to the OBGYN's office, he'll be able to do the 8 week scan straight away. I didn't want to go in earlier before there was a chance of hearing the heartbeat. Because as we all know, I'd fret even more waiting to go back for the next test. Plus it's another trip I'd have to do all the way up there.

Then last night in bed, my lower belly was itchy, as it sometimes gets along the fold under the pannus, and as I was scratching it I noticed something. Usually around my pubic region under the skin I can feel the very bottom of the abdominal muscles. They feel kinda like a flat sheet of muscle that thickens when I tense them up.

Instead of that usual flat sheet of muscle, plus the various spongy bits, I felt something firm. A different kind of firm to what's normally there. I poked, pressed and prodded very gently, kinda how I remember feeling gynos do before but even lighter than that. Then I had to get Alaskaboy to double check my discovery. He too gently probed that area and sure enough, he felt the same thing I did.

There in my lower abdomen we felt a firm, slightly rounded shape about as big as a squash ball. Then it truly hit me. OMG! There's an embryo in my uterus! I really am pregnant and having a baby.

Funnily enough, my appetite came back at 4am this morning. I had to get up and make myself an egg and parmesan omelette with a slice of toast and a glass of Gatorade. Breakfast, when I got up again at 8:30am, was leftover stirfry from last night, plus chicken galbi, sesame leaves, rice, and young radish kimchi. With another glass of Gatorade. (It's been a bit dry the last few nights here.)

So, now I'm kinda excited about Friday. And hoping that next week I can go in to have the ultrasound confirm everything's going great. :) And now, I really am off to have that swim.

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