Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Patchwork Post...bit o' this and a bit o' that.

We were in bed early Friday night to get up at 6am to take one of the cars in for a service. After dropping the car off, we were a bit hungry so grabbed some bread and cheese from the nearby Mexican grocery...and oh god the freshly cooked chicken nuggets in the hot food display case were torture! I wanted THEM on my sandwich instead of daggy old plastic cheese. But, cheese it was.

Feeling fortified after the sandwiches and a drink of OJ we headed back on down to our area to our local grocery store. It was weird being there before 8am, so quiet but surprisingly not as empty as I thought it'd be. Back home to drop off that stuff and have a better breakfast then out again to continue at other grocery stores.

By the time we'd covered the three stores I was again ravenous...but feeling decidedly queasy. I also had a headache and was terribly grumpy. I didn't realise why until Alaskaboy pointed at the sky. Holy Smokular Ashes, Batman! The ash cloud from Friday's fires had finally drifted our way, and was settling in for the duration. Add in the fact the temperature was in the 90s(30s) when the week before it had been Autumn temps...Not Happy, Jan!

I'd planned to do a whole bunch of cooking that afternoon, but I was way too hot to even attempt it, especially once we closed up the house. But I'd rather too hot than gagging and choking on that godawful stench. Having to go back and forth to the laundry to wash the towels was bad enough! I made Alaskaboy go out and retrieve the finished load because I could NOT face a third trip out. So much for the long walk we'd planned for that evening! We thought about going down to the beach, but with no guarantees it'd be clear down there we elected to stay inside and do chores.

We cleaned the kitchen, and then decided to go with cooking despite it being almost dinner time, because neither of wanted any of the lovely fresh food...except for the minestrone we'd planned on for dinner. So, we had a snack, and then I coached Alaskaboy, from a distance, on how to make the minestrone. It's something he's always wanted to learn because of the soups I make it's one of his favourites. We even remembered to measure things this time. (recipe will follow in another post.)

We prepared the ingredients together but then I asked him to do things in the order he thought it should be cooked. It was fun watching him make it. It's also interesting how much he has learned over the past five years, I guess from watching me cook and from sampling what I do make, plus he does have good cooking instincts anyway. Other than not knowing about putting in a little sugar to combat the tomato acid he pretty much got the soup spot on smell and flavourwise. (We added the sugar in towards the end since I forgot about until then as well. LOL)

And then, after eating tasty soup for dinner that he'd cooked himself, he was feeling all inspired, so he made butternut squash soup as well. I must say he made this better than I have in a long time. He actually had the patience to let the soup cook down enough to a lovely thick consistency. I usually give up before I should and settle for thickening it with cornflour. LOL

We nattered on the phone with my parents while it finished cooking, and by the time we got off the phone with them, I was beyond grumpy into emotional. Being overtired tends to make me revert back to about 3 years of age, I swear! And since Alaskaboy was the cook of the evening, he got the fun of staying up with the pots in front of a fan praying that they'll cool enough to go in the fridge/freezer sometime before the next century! While I got to go to bed and suck the paint off the ceiling. :D

Sunday we were again up at 6am, was just the time we woke up. We spent the morning doing chores, and then because the smoke had cleared a little it was time to think about making the xmas puds. Umm... except we only had one cloth left. Luckily, Mum had sent us a store bought pudding cloth the other year. Also lucky that we were making three puds this year: one full size and two half size. So, I hand washed the store bought cloth, while Alaskaboy hemmed up the cloth we did have plus made a patchwork cloth out of leftover pieces from the other ones we've cut out over the years.

But, he also had trouble with the sewing machine like he'd had earlier in the day when he repaired a torn seam on our cooler/esky backpack. For some reason it just wasn't picking up the bottom thread. He spent a fair bit of time hand turning the machine. I spent a lot of time head down in my cross stitch. Especially after he sewed one of the pieces on with the seam on the wrong side....

But eventually we got it done, and the puddings cooked and hung. Patches will stay here for us to eat when we come back from Christmas vacation. Big Fella is off to Dr Kay's next month, and High Flyer will accompany us on the vacation.

It's not a Magic Pudding but a Patchwork Pudding!

Yesterday morning we were up even earlier! 4am. Alaskaboy had a 6am start, but breakfast is always half an hour earlier than the start time. (After breakfast with him, I drove back home again. 6:28 my head hit the pillow. 6:30 I was out like a light!) Now, between a choice of a three hour round trip bus trip to go to a meeting I had to attend, or getting up early to drive him to work so I had the was a no brainer for me. Especially since once the appointment was done I could drive back up to the location and while away the afternoon doing some shopping and browsing through a bookstore.

Except...the shopping was done super quick, it was hot, and there was no bookstore where there was s'posed to be one! Grrrrrrr. To make matter worse, the burger I'd had for late lunch (because it was the only place I could eat at along the way that wouldn't be too expensive) was not sitting well. I now know I do NOT like Jack In The Box, and why. I'd had it once before, several years ago, but assumed I didn't like it because I was in the Australia = Wonderful / America = Terrible phase of adjusting to living in a foreign country. Ahhh. Nah! Bun = too sweet. Sauce = blech. Pickle = {shudder} and just the flavour combination I did not like. The ONLY thing I liked was the actual meat patty. But I was hungry, so down it went. And I felt disgusting the rest of the day. I didn't even eat any dinner it was that heavy in my stomach.

Felt much better this morning when I woke up. Made myself breakfast of porridge with honey and milk, plus a toasted swiss cheese and mushroom sandwich and a glass of orange/pineapple juice. Yum! I'm finding since the food poisoning the other month my body really is preferring the cleaner foods, except when necessity dictates like yesterday's lunch and convenience wins. Even then though, it lets me know natural stuff is better than junk food.

Felt so good in fact that after breakfast I donned my swimsuit. Then the phone rang. So I yabbered, made some more calls, and then was finally able to finish getting dressed. Halfway through getting dressed I remembered Alaskaboy had taken my car today...and his was still getting repaired. FUUUUUCK! So much for a swim. Oh well, now the air is clearer, I can go for a walk later when it cools down a bit.

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Erin said...

Please explain to my ignorant self about the puddings. I have no idea what you have hung up or why or what is in it.