Saturday, November 08, 2008

Intuitive Like Never Before.

Before we went to San Diego, we had suspicions I may have been pregnant. Not only was I going on high beam in breezes that normally wouldn't bother my breasts, but I was Tired and Moody. I figured it was mainly because my body was still a little sensitive after the food poisoning, thus I was run down and the PMS was stronger than usual.

When I missed my period, I assumed I hadn't ovulated due to the stress of the food poisoning. (As had happened once before, so I had precedent.) All I had were two brief spots on two different occasions, by brief I mean pale pink and the size of my little finger nail clippings. Leading up to Dr Kay's arrival I was again TIRED. So tired in fact that I had palpitations and brief dizzy spells whenever I pushed myself hard by...oh...say...doing the dishes. At this point I figured it was my body finally reacting to the pepperoni I'd eaten over the last few months.

Alaskaboy believed I was pregnant. So much so that last Thursday morning before going to work, he leaned down to give me my usual morning kiss and to tell me he loves me, and then he kissed my belly as well and said, "And I love you." I laughed at his whimsy then went back to sleep.

Over the course of the time she was here it seemed to be a competition between Dr Kay and I as to who was the most tired and who could consume the most red meat and leafy green vegetables. Both totally seeking out what our bodies need. In a way she wins though, her SlowFe tablets have a higher iron dose than my prenatal vitamins. LOL

And the peeing. Oh God, the peeing. It's part of the reason I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. Peeing every hour on the bloody hour, and also waking up because my sore boobs have been touched just the wrong way by something; probably the bloody air for all I know! And despite all this peeing, I'm still up at 7am every morning. Which of course means I need a two or three hour nap during the afternoon.

And I was waking up hungry at 4am. Hungry enough to eat an egg or cheese sandwich and go right back to bed, with no indigestion. Thankfully, I've made up the lost weight. I've also now figured out that a bedtime snack of carbs and protein stave off the middle of the night munchies.

Tuesday morning, I woke up not having peed all night, and Alaskaboy hadn't gone to work yet, so I accepted the timing offered and took the test. It came up positive. Bit of a shock I must tell you. I'd been focusing so hard on not getting my hopes up, to avoid the same disappointment of the previous two months, that I'd sort of half kidded myself that I wasn't pregnant. But there was the proof in the two little pink lines.

I went out and showed him the test, in the middle of his yoga session, he said, "I told you!" LOL So yeah, Lil Miss Intuitive was surprised and her husband knew long before she did. I am excited, even though it hasn't really sunk in yet. This is the first positive home test I've ever had. Last time we were pregnant the blood tests at the gyno's office showed I was pregnant, but never the home tests. This time there was indeedy a positive result. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it means we've got a viable embryo this time.

Will be making an appointment with my doc next week and then she'll give me a referral for my obgyn. Am hoping that by the time I go in for the first check up with the obgyn that there'll be a heartbeat. Possible, since I'm probably about 5 weeks along now. :)

It is interesting how my body has shifted from multiple smallish meals a day to four calorie dense meals. Thank God I've got this intuitive eating stuff worked out or I'd be freaking out about wanting a piece of cheese cake every single day! Especially on top of all the meat and other dairy products I'm eating. The current pattern over several days seems to be, meat and carbs, protein and carbs, meat and veg, meat and carbs, with a bit of calcium at every meal and then a meal that is completely vegetarian.

And if I don't eat when I get hungry, then the nausea hits. So it's even more imperative to eat when my body tells me than it has ever been before. No puking yet, but the hunger-induced nausea is sufficient thanks!

(I'm also having to fight the urge to hit publish post on this instead of save draft. LOL But I will post it when the time comes to reveal all!)

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Shauna said...

oh wow! happy happy days! congratulations to you :) and smart guy you have there too, hehe.

merry christmas to you all!