Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Should Buy Shares in Ferrero!

With a long break between my first bout of nausea and the second, I assumed I was one of those women that'd have only one or two moments and then be fine. I haven't had a lot of nausea compared to many other women, but what I am experiencing is plenty, thank you very much! Fresh made (but weak) ginger tea and Tic Tacs have been my bestest friends since Saturday. And as I discovered when Alaskaboy bought home some orange ones for a change of pace last night, it must be Bold Mint Tic Tacs for it to stop the wave of nausea cold. The orange ones taste nice, but they're missing that magical something.

The nausea itself I don't really mind, I pretty much laugh at myself once I'm done with a round of gagging, just because it sounds so funny in the middle of a sentence. "Blah blah blah URKurkURK blah URK blah." When combined with the wooziness in my head and the tweaks, twinges and aches in my breasts and uterus, then I feel just downright revolting and it's no longer funny.

I'm not really having any cravings for anything, and some times have trouble knowing what to have for a meal. Oh, It's easy to know what I DON'T want, but what I do? Sometimes it's a little difficult. I've even caught myself saying out loud, "Well, c'mon then, tell me what we DO want for a bloody change!"

My intuitive eating has switched gears again. It's not intuitive in what to eat, it's completely intuitive with regards to how much I eat. Especially now that the nausea's kicked in, if I over eat at any particular eating time, even by a few mouthfuls, I'm extra nauseous pretty soon after. I've also learned that my body means it when it says, "I don't WANT to eat this meal time, I'm busy doing other stuff right now." Other times I've pushed it I've had indigestion and felt really queasy. My reward for only drinking ginger tea the night that I had the Jack In The Box for lunch was to sleep soundly and wake up hungry for breakfast the next morning.

Oh, and to know exactly what I wanted. Which was lovely. Nothing worse than standing there trying to find something you want to eat in the fridge or pantry, knowing a big part of the nausea is how hungry you are, but trying to avoid looking at anything that may set off a gag reaction. When I know what it is I want, I simply reach in, grab what I want and pretend I see nothing else in the fridge at all!

Holy crap! I hope I'll be able to eat the Christmas pud! Note to self: Pack suitcase half full of Bold Mint Tic Tacs, just in case. Can wear clothes any old time, pud only comes around once a year!

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