Monday, October 06, 2008

Travel and Food.

Tomorrow we're off on a location shoot to San Diego. Since I need to research for a story of mine that's set in and around San Diego and Coronado I'm treating this like a business trip instead of my more usual attitude, “Let's swan around on the pool deck, and view the sights while he's working!” But, I realised today that it also means I need to rethink my food for the trip. Especially since this trip is also longer than I've done before: 5 days instead of 2 or 3.

Usually I take a rice cooker, esky/cooler, picnic set and food along with me, so that I can make meals. This time I'm trying something different. Alaskaboy gets a daily allowance for food as do most business people when they travel for work purposes.. I'm going to try and stick to a food budget for myself as well. I'm treating it as though I've had to get on a plane and fly to a distant destination. All I'll have on hand are the shops around plus whatever is available in the hotel room. (which seems to be a coffee pot and an ice bucket.)

Is it possible for me to travel and work plus keep up a healthy diet on a budget? I hope so! I've researched what grocery stores are available in the area. Which does include a Whole Foods and a Ralphs, two stores we generally frequent. I'm really happy about the Whole Foods because they usually have a hot buffet so if I feel the need for a hot evening meal, I can get something from them which is a more reasonable serving size than what I'd get at a restaurant.

Speaking of reasonable serving sizes. I've discovered these recently: Individual serving size UHT milk. They come in plain, strawberry, and vanilla as well as the chocolate. I have tried each kind over a few shopping trips lately when I've fancied a flavoured milk while out and about. I've enjoyed being able to finish my milk drink instead of having a bottle that's more like 2-3 servings. (Which, of course them I'd either drink or throw out.) I've also REALLY liked that it's naturally flavoured and naturally sweetened milk. Can't stand HFCS sweetened and artificially flavoured milk drinks.

Most importantly for this trip, Whole Foods sell the milks and they're gonna work brilliantly for breakfast. They're small enough to fit in the icebucket over night to chill for my cereal. Woohoo! Breakfast was the one meal I was kinda stuck on what to eat. Alaskaboy is lucky; he gets breakfast and lunch provided. I'm gonna have to think about each meal as I want it.

{grin} Since I have to make extra meals I'm thinking of taking along one set of everything from the picnic set, as well as the teensy sharp knife and chopping board. If I was travelling I could fit them in the suitcase....but do you think that's cheating and should I only go with what I can buy on site?

Any of you travellin' types got any hints/tips for how to do this? I really want to avoid eating at a restaurant if I can.

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Amanda said...

Being prepared is not "cheating". Take a knife, for sure, and a picnic set too, if you want to. I had the same when I travelled around New Zealand- plate, bowl, mug (all plastic), knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon, and sharp knife for cutting things up. It works :)

Kada said...

Cool! Okay, I'll go with being prepared.