Wednesday, October 15, 2008

San Diego and Food: Part 1.

I didn't sleep well last night, as per usual when I'm travelling the next day. Consequently, I was slow getting going despite getting up an hour earlier than planned. The day was also Very Hot and Very Dry, my second most loathed weather condition behind hot'n'humid. Dishes had to be rewashed, laundry had to be done, lots of maps and directions to be printed...just one more friggen thing after another had to be completed.

And everything seemed to take twice as long to do as I'd expected. e.g. My laptop hadn't been turned on in over twelve months. What should have been a simple upgrade of my wordprocessing software became a nightmare of updates all trying to happen at once. Virus scans, Windows, hell, nearly every single bloody program wanted to stick their finger in the update pie. It was a mess! 2 hours it took me to get it all sorted, and that was hovering at the machine, endlessly clicking closed update windows as they tried to happen and restarting my laptop whenever it got overloaded.

Halfway through the morning Dr Kay called for a natter, which was fine, it allowed dishes to soak, laundry to dry and me to decompress a little. By midafternoon--the time I wanted to be arriving!--I'd got everything in the car. I didn't want to have takeaway food for lunch, 4th time for burger in ten days yeesh, but there really was nothing left to do except get something to eat on the way. In'n'out seemed the fastest, easiest and safest option. Especially since there's a petrol station right nearby.

I didn't take the time to take a food photo but here's a nice example of what I had. The burger on the left is an animal style cheeseburger. As well as the root beer that came with my meal, I got a strawberry shake because I realised it was a long time since I'd had breakfast, and a fair while before dinner as well. The caffeine in the root beer helped keep me awake on the trip, but I only finished about a third of the shake. (yes I drank water too. I can't get by without my water!)

Arrived in San Diego and got my bearings. Checked in at the hotel, peed for what seemed like an hour, unpacked my work stuff and realised I'd forgotten both my antihistamines and any drawing paper. So, after sneezing my head off and reattaching it then turning the A/C on, I headed out to ask where the nearest drugstore was located. Conveniently, there was one at the hotel. Inconveniently, they didn't have the kind I could use. At least they did have directions on how to get to somewhere that would sell them.

The sun had gone down by now, but there was still no relief from the heat or the dryness. To make things even more fun, night driving in an unfamiliar area. Ohboy, ohboy! I reined in my temper, my sarcasm, and my negativity and tried to look at it as a kind of research. Travelling business types need to do this all the time. Grown ups of all persuasions too.

Supplies procured, I had to go BACK to the hotel to get the directions to the grocery store as it was nearing time for Alaskaboy to finish and I was making dinner tonight. I soon came to feel almost like I was coming home within a very short period after all the to-ing and fro-ing I did outta that hotel.

Again with taking longer than expected. Whole Foods was laid out unlike ANY other Whole Foods I've EVER been in. So illogically that I did more than ten laps of the shop before finding everything I needed.

And my list was NOT a long one:
mini wholewheat bagels, trail mix, cereal, can tuna in ginger oil, spring water, can salmon, 4 bananas, 6 lebanese cucumbers, lettuce mix, 3 limes, 2 lemons, 4 tomatoes, 4 nectarines, edamame, uht milk, corn thins, large waters.

Back at the hotel, I gave up on the idea of getting any work done that evening and took a shower to cool off and just relaaaaaax. And I needed it, I'm not so unorganised usually, it was just one of those days.

Feeling much better, I played around with the ingredients for dinner and came up with this shot:

When Alaskaboy got home I helped him unload the car and chatted to him while he showered. Well, okay, ranted and THEN chatted. ;) My mood improved considerably further, we made the asian-flavours-inspired dinner together. Both of us were pleasantly surprised at how well the ginger oil from the tuna plus a squeeze of lime juice worked as the dressing. (Liked it so much that on a subsequent trip to WF we bought 4 tins of the tuna to take back home. LOL)

I ate:
1/4 pack lettuce: 92c
1/2 tomato: 45c
1 cucumber: 36c
1/2 can tuna slices in ginger oil: $1
1/2 nectarine: 47c
1 mini bagel: 29c
1/2 lime: 24c
1 vanilla milk: 99c
1/2 packet edamame: $1.55c

Total: $6.27c Even with the in'n'out meal, well below my per diem of $25. (Alaskaboy actually got 32.50, but they assume they're eating at a restaurant.)

Tired from my frustrating day but now relaxed after a lovely meal and nice evening conversing with Alaskaboy, I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep!

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Shauna said...

That looks darn tasty... and tuna in ginger oil! that sounds beautiful...