Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's A Pillow!

Now that Browneyedgirl has opened her present, I can show you the pictures of the completed project.

Alaskagirl told me on the phone this evening that when Browneyedgirl unwrapped it, she exclaimed, "It's a pillow!" And promptly laid down on the floor with it under her head.

I was hoping to make a pair of pyjamas for myself out of the material we used on the rear of the pillow but there was only three yards total remaining on the roll. I grabbed it all in case I could make a tank top or something for me out of it in future. (Mine all mine!)

When I got the remainder of her present (bought months ago) together to wrap it all up, I laughed my arse off when I saw I'd managed to colour coordinate everything. LOL

Her big sister, DuoLoq*, liked the pillow too, but was more eager to get her hot lil hands on her sister's bubbles. Especially since HER birthday bubbles were all gone. I might just have to look and see if I can find some more of the same kind as part of their Christmas presents. I bet we'd have fun seeing if the bubbles froze before they popped. And if not, pretty splotches on the snow!

Yeah, I'm a big kid at heart, but you already knew that!

*She talks A LOT, in two different languages = Duo Loquacious or DuoLoq because it's easier to type.

3 Nibbles:

cmae said...

Nice work! I love her reaction!

alaskagirl said...

Latest on the reaction---
Pillow must go EVERYWHERE with her. Situations requiring an accompanying blankie now require both blankie and Pillow. Also, it must be right side up to be used.

The cross-stich might get worn out before Christmas....

Erin said...

Kada I love that you made this for her and it is adorable and how awesome of you!
I don't know if you guys do the Santa thing (we do) but you could give them bubbles to blow outside Christmas Eve for the reindeer to find the house.