Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Inside our refrigerator we have so much fresh produce that we have to excavate half the fridge to find the desired ingredients whenever we want to make a meal. Situation normal there, especially after we've been grocery shopping.

However, I didn't realise just how much Alaskaboy and I are known for being...well, I guess gourmand IS the correct word. We're not usually gluttonous, but we do LOVE good food and are prepared to pay a little more for what we like. Case in point, the other day at the supermarket I had successfully wrestled open the painfully thin plastic bag and was making a beeline for the oranges. To be precise, the Riverside brand Australian navel oranges. I passed two well-dressed ladies (this supermarket was in a richer area) who were standing maybe three feet away from the orange display and I overheard one say to the other, "I'm not paying $2.99c per pound!" She made a disgusted sound and her friend murmured some sort of agreeing noise. Then they faded from my attention as I focused on the price of the oranges, realising with a frission of delight they'd been talking about what I was fixated on. "You little bewdy! More for me!"

To me, there are certain kinds of frugality that don't make any sense. If I'm gonna buy something I WANT and LIKE to eat, then less of the stuff is gonna rot due to wallowing neglected in the fridge. Plus, I'll simply buy a few less than I would of the cheaper but yucky tasting oranges. In some ways, I guess to me it feels like the diet mentality or the punish yourself mentality. Don't deserve extra tasty but slightly more expensive oranges, so I'll go without oranges until they're at a price I'm allowed to pay. And when the difference is all of 70c per pound more? C'mon! Well, okay if oranges are on special they can be as cheap as $1.50 per pound, but those are usually dried up old sour oranges, not even fit for juicing.

Several more aisles into the same shopping trip, we stopped in the tinned soup aisle. After the mere mouthful I got, which was half of the appetizer-sized bowl of french onion soup that Alaskaboy and I shared the other night, I was in the mood to make some this week. Only, shock horror, beef consommé has gelatin added to it. Man, I'm gonna have to make my own consommé. Since it's too hot to be farting about boiling stock for hours, I went with my second soup hankering. And stopped by the dairy aisle to get the ingredient for its accompaniment.

Later that evening, I called Dr Kay to natter. When I told her what we'd had for dinner, canned cream of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich made with plastic cheese, she said, "WHAT! Are you ill or something?" LOL Pretty funny considering Alaskaboy and I also realised we hadn't had such an easy dinner in a long time. Even if most nights soup is on the menu we've dug it out of the freezer and heated it up to eat, soups we eat at home are usually home made.

But....see! I may prefer to do fresh, but I can do easy too!

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cmae said...

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is my favorite meal. Just had it last night in fact - though we use the plastic-free cheese. Heee!