Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tried the Cabbage Salad

Dinner last night was grilled chicken breast, mashed potato and the red cabbage salad. I did find the salad pleasant but for my personal preference I'd put in more figs and more pumpkin seeds. Red Cabbage really is a very subtle vegetable. For some reason I thought it would be even stronger tasting than Green Cabbage.

I'm also having second thoughts about my bold declaration of trying carrot and parsnip mash. {shudders} What was I thinking?! And baby corn? Ugh. But, yes, I'll try them, never fear. The trick is to find a way to make them palatable! LOL

Got a swim report to write, but first I'm gonna have some lunch. Dunno what I want though. {goes to stare at the pantry and fridge}

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Fat Lazy Guy said...

I love baby corn in a stir fry.