Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Snakes and Ladders.

I've got so many ideas to write, so many of wonderful stories to crit, a challenge piece to still finish, writing coursework to do, the dishes are piling up and I can't do any of it! I've been so careful to RICE my sprained wrist (even staying away from the computer completely for a few days and not swimming for over a week now) but it now feels like I've sprained the inner part of my forearm trying to overcompensate for the wrist. Am guessing I possibly got overzealous with the gentle stretching or slept on it funny last night with my new pillow. (I've also got period cramps so I was in the midst of a full blown pity party this evening.)

Of course, because the kitchen is a pigsty with all those unwashed dishes, the kitchen pipes backed up as I went to do the first sink full. After trying to get it unblocked on my own I called Alaskaboy, mainly to see if he wanted a crack at it when he got home, if not I'd go get the maintenance guy. Just as I'm saying this on the phone...the upstairs neighbours let out their sinks.

Wait! {laughs} It gets better.

Because it was so hot I was only wearing underpants and a t-shirt. FLING went the phone after I shouted something into it at Alaskaboy, don't remember what, then I was running back and forth madly--braless boobs bouncing wildly--ferrying towels from the linen press and shoving them at the floor to make a dam.

Then when it looked strong enough to prevent it making a break for the carpet, I ran back to the bedroom and grabbed one of the only clean pair (wash day tomorrow) of trousers I had; thick sweat pants. Hopping past the phone I realised hubby was still on the line. I grabbed up the phone and panted at him, "I'll call ya back!" and dashed off outside and upstairs.

POUNDED on their front door and after they suspiciously asked "Who is it?" I breathlesssly garbled something at them. All the while thinking, Just open the damn door and turn off your water! Eventually I caught my breath enough to say, "From downstairs."

They opened the door and I managed to get out that they were flooding my kitchen and they put the plug back in the sink.

Came back, tossed out some more towels and actually had time to spread them out. (Water was about an inch deep by this point.) Then it was off, up and down more stairs, to get the maintenance guy. He snaked the pipes. Then he mopped up the water, tidied up the counter, offered to dry out the towels of mine, but I dumped them in a couple of dishpans and I'm gonna wash them tomorrow. And now I'm left with more things to tidy than I started with.

But I do have a sparklingly clean, and bleached, kitchen floor and counter. Silver lining, right?

Now I'm in desperate need of a cold bath and a nice drink..except I have to wash a glass first. LOL

3 Nibbles:

Amanda said...

OMG! That's really sucky. Good work on the quick thinking, it could have been much worse :)

Glad your wrist is getting better! said...

Focus on that silver lining! :-)

cmae said...

Geez woman!! You had an eventful day!