Friday, September 12, 2008

Seeing It From My Stomach's Point Of View.

Before lunch may not be the best time to do this, but it's the only time I've got today. That's one bummer about living a fulfilling and balanced life, ya have to learn to manage time. No more blogging for hours on end!

The other thing about a balanced life is it's giving me more time to think about what I really want. I figured that once I knew how to eat intuitively, to go with the flow and not judge myself during moments of comfort eating plus learning gentle nutrition I would have everything pretty much covered. That I'd have nowhere else to focus on except any weight loss I may eventually have. Nope. I'm still learning about food.

Not just what I like to eat, but how I like to eat it. Presentation, I've come to realise is a key thing for me. Some meals I like to have dished up all on the one plate, but mostly I like to have a spread of options. I think that's why I love Asian/Indian/Middle Eastern type foods so much; they're always presented like your own personal buffet.

Bearing that in mind, one weekend for breakfast a couple of months ago, I set it out like this:
We had rice bowls of fruit to share, our own personal saucers of crackers and tomatoes plus a bread'n'butter/salad plate for the main part of our meal. The good thing about this was when we didn't eat all of the fruit, the leftovers could be easily be plastic wrapped and put back in the fridge. Funny thing was, we both enjoyed the breakfast immensely. Something about the set up pleased an inner part we didn't know needed satisfying.

I've also begun experimenting with different ways of cutting the vegetables and adding fruit with my meal.
I'm simply stunned at how much less rice, pasta or bread I eat in a a meal now that I'm bulking up the veggies and fruit content of my diet. Also amazed how variable my appetite is. Some meals I finish the whole of a dinner-plate-sized serving, sometimes I even go back for a little more, and yet other days I'll stop before I've eaten a bread'n'butter-plate-sized serve.

Often when I eat Asian foods I'll set out the condiments like the breakfast above. My first thought for this meal had been egg, mushroom and been shoots fried rice, with the kimchee and seaweed on a saucer each on the side.

But this was obviously a time I wanted it arranged all on the one large plate. Extra bonus was the meal now needed another veg in the stirfry. Hello, eggplant! (Proud of this photo too. Is the best food pic I've taken so far.)

Sometimes it's just a simple fish'n'chips dinner:

Even simpler is when I merely grill the fish, no poaching it in the lemon sauce, and make baked potatoes with no seasoning on them, or do 'em mashed. LOL

This morning for breakfast I wanted protein alongside my porridge, milk and honey, but I didn't want eggs. The cottage cheese failed to catch my eye. And I was downright offended by the thought of cheese on toast. Shit! what was left? Seeds. My teeth and palate were demanding something crunchy to offset the sloppiness of the porridge. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds were all gone, walnuts I'm not too keen on unless they're baked in something. (I know that for sure because I sat down last month and actually ate a few kernels raw.) Hmm.. the cashews had all joined the Nut Lovefest known as granola...AHA! Almonds.

Oh and strawberries please.

So a small handful of nuts and four plump strawberries on the saucer to eat with breakfast. Except I'd put nearly double the amount of water in that I needed and I was standing there stirring at the stove for eons. The strawberries and almonds each took turns beguiling me into a nibble here and a chomp there and all of a sudden the saucer was empty. And my porridge still wasn't cooked!


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