Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oriental Meal.

After the lacklustre meal I had at the sushi bar yesterday plus the teppanyaki restaurant only serving shrimp sushi I couldn't eat on Saturday, I was hankering for some tasty vegetarian sushi tonight. We were missing half the ingredients for miso or ramen soup, so I went with Chinese hot and sour soup. Aaand just because I wanted it, I added a Korean touch in the form of some Kimchee.

Alaskaboy, not content with his own plate, tried to steal some of my sushi while I had my hands busy with the camera. Shithead! Let's try this again.
Bowl of beef, tofu and shiitake mushroom hot and sour soup.
Egg, lettuce and carrot sushi plus wasabi.
Radish and cabbage kimchee.
Assorted condiments.

I'm thinking the weight training I did this afternoon was definitely the reason behind wanting three different kinds of protein with dinner. Body sayin', "Gimme something to work with here!" lol

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cmae said...

God that looks good...maybe I'll get sushi for lunch...