Friday, September 19, 2008

Mezzo Cammin: Removing the Scales From My Eyes: Beginning

In light of my recent reaction to my progress photos, I found this post, from G.G. over at Mezzo Cammin, rather timely. Wonderful post about learning to see yourself as you truly are.

Mezzo Cammin: Removing the Scales From My Eyes: Beginning

It also made me realise just why I was so angry at myself and my progress photos the other day. Not only had I fleetingly compared my current self with them, but also the very nature of them struck me to my core: Headless, unflattering, and above all extremely judgmental. Not celebratory in the least like I'd previously thought they were. Instead I'm screaming to the world, "I'm not acceptable like this. Watch me try and become acceptable."

Seems like I have some more thinking to do about the nature of "progress" and whether I want to keep those photos up. . .or ever take any more.

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cmae said...

That is so interesting because I just saw some photos of me at a wedding, my initial reaction to which was to throw up a little bit in my mouth (figuratively). I thought the pictures made me look ruddy and bloated. On the day of the wedding, though, I felt SO good about myself. It is the disconnect between my self-image and how I really look that makes me feel so depressed.

On the other hand, how I really look is NOT bad. Just different from my self-image, which more accurately reflects how I think I SHOULD look, rather than how I truly view myself.

Thank you so much for reminding me of the post I wrote last March.