Friday, August 29, 2008

Simple Soup.

After the emotional turmoil and triumphs of today, (blog post about it tomorrow) I wanted something simple and soothing for dinner. I'd made Alaskaboy a seafood tomyum, but I didn't want spicy. Certainly didn't want heavy after the pizza I'd had for lunch and cheezits for snack.

In a saucepan I brought some water to boil along with a clove of garlic(sliced) and an equal amount of fresh ginger(in chunks so I could remove when eating).
Threw in an orange roughy fillet, cut into chunks; a sploosh of rice vinegar and tamari.
Added some dried wakame.
Tasted soup then doubled the wakame.
Let it all simmer until almost cooked and tossed in some spring onions.

Debated adding some dried shiitakes about halfway through the cook time but realised even that was gonna be too strong a flavour. Simple, subtle, slurpilicious soup was all I wanted.

In the serving bowl I put about 3/4 cup of cold cooked rice and poured half the soup over it. Balanced the temps out beautifully with a little extra mouthfeel amongst the fish and veggies.

Finished off with a glass of pineapple juice and mineral water.

(Got the rest of the soup for lunch tomorrow. Yum!)

EDIT: Not lunch. It ended up being breakfast along with a toad in the hole or egg in the basket or whichever name you know it by.

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