Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Jot.

Wanted fried rice for lunch but didn't want Asian flavours. I wanted Mexican food. So I made this up as I went along.

Putting it here so I remember this. Will need to get measures of everything next time I make it.

sauté for a bit:
chopped orange capsicum, 1 small
chopped raw chicken breast, 1

roughly chopped garlic, 4 cloves
cumin, sprinkle,
dried oregano, bigger sprinkle,

after a bit add:
roughly sliced green/spring onions (4, I think)
chopped 1/6 bunch fresh cilantro/coriander
canned diced jalapeños to taste

after they soften add:
old rice, preferably a couple days in the fridge (makes better fried rice)
fresh juice of 1-2 limes depending on size

stir to incorporate and warm through, then add:
several grates of extra sharp white cheddar cheese

once cheese melts, add:
a sploosh of salsa.
another chopped 1/6 bunch fresh cilantro/coriander

s/p to taste.

Will be interesting to see what Alaskaboy thinks when he gets home and tries some. LOL Sometimes my intuitive food creations don't please anyone's palate but my own.

3 Nibbles:

Erin said...

Sounds delicious to me!

Shauna said...

yum yum yum :) leftover rice rules! :)

cmae said...