Friday, August 29, 2008

Harbour Crossing, Auckland

I can't get to NZ to swim the race, so I've agreed to be there in spirit, while I swim the distance at my local pool.

My current longest swim is a 65 minute 1500m...with rest stops scattered here and there. This swim is 2800m non stop. That's 122.5 laps of the pool. Yeah, it's a 25 YARD pool, not 25 metres. Don't know how much that'll affect my times, but since I'm not really racing, I'm just hoping to be able to complete the distance on the day, that doesn't really matter all that much really.

I am looking forward to the challenge. And really excited about swimming this virtual race with the marvellous Marshy! We're even hoping to synchronise our watches and actually swim "together". 7:30am Auckland time on 16th November and 10:30am Los Angeles time on 15th November. Cool huh!

Anyone else want to join us?

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Marshmallow said...

YAY! I'm not worried about speed either, just getting the thing done, 2,800 metres is a hefty distance (that's ~1.74 miles for those of you who are confuzzled by the metric system)

It'd be great to have more people doing the Virtual Harbour Crossing, come one, come all!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Nice! That sounds like a great idea. I won't be participating, but I'll be virtually cheering y'all on :D