Sunday, July 27, 2008

She's Back, Baybee!

1500 metre swim on Thursday.
3.5 mile walk on Saturday.

Wow, makes a huge difference walking along the beach bike trail, at sunset, and talking with my husband, instead of going round and round the courtyard or a city block. And, it was with only three rest stops of less than five minutes each time.

Other good news is that my intuitive eating group has helped me to see I'm ready to go see a therapist about the core reasons behind my eating disorder. I'm not through the abuse stuff from my past as much as I thought I was. Very obvious once I realised I've eating my way back up to feeling safe with a belly apron big enough to hide my crotch. But hey, at least I'm emotionally ready to delve deeper into it now. I called to leave a message, even though it's a weekend, with the therapist. Here's hoping she has room for me on her schedule.

Progress all round this week. {huge grin}

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