Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Intuitiveness Is Sometimes Counterproductive

This last week I've had PMS. The kind of PMS where my body wants to do nothing but loll around in my pyjamas and stuff food in my face while simultaneously lingering on the edges of/ignoring/hating the world but pouting that nobody loves me.
It's almost like my body is pulling away slightly and focusing all of our attention on building up reserves for the first twenty four hours of bleeding where I want to do nothing but lay in bed swathed in hot water bottles, with no eating, just lying as still, and as heated in all the right spots, as possible.

As a result, I fill stiff, yet squishy, heavy, and BLAH! But also with no interest in doing anything. I look back at how I felt in the previous weeks and marvelled at all that as I was able to do in one day. . .you know like having a shower. Or getting dressed.

It doesn't help that we're due to do laundry but were too busy to get it done this weekend. So now I have to summon the energy to put on a pair of bike shorts, at least a size too small, a singlet (the only clean outfit I own) and to go and wash two weeks of laundry, including throws and cushion covers etc that are due to be washed. Did I also mention that I have to load the numerous bags/bins of clothes up on a hand dolly, lug it down one level on the elevator, pack it in the car, bring the hand truck back up, drive to the laundromat, lug it all in some how, load up the washers, wait, then dryers, then do it all in reverse?

And that's only one chore that NEEDS to be done today, when getting dressed is the equivalent of trekking the Kokoda Trail...in the pouring rain...with a full laden combat pack on my back.

Well, maybe not quite so extreme, but you get my drift. Any hints on overcoming the PMS Tireds?

3 Nibbles:

kathrynoh said...

My advice is to just do it.

Kada said...

Thanks Kathryn.

I did shower and get dressed, but then my muse ran away with me. So, I didn't quite get my chores done, but I did get something productive done today.
Off to do the dishes now and then back to more writing.
Best news is I found a pair of shorts lurking in the bottom of the drawer, so I'll be comfortable at the laundromat tomorrow.

Amanda said...

Urgh. I had enough trouble mustering the energy to do a second load of washing yesterday when all I had to do was take it down a flight of stairs to the kitchen (then hang it on the line an hour or so later)- I can only imagine what the combination of PMS and having to drag it to the laundromat would have done to me.

At least you showered and dressed, that's an achievement in itself, right? RIGHT?