Monday, July 07, 2008

Goss Sesh 1

I'm typing this with wobbly arms after completing the Initial Test of the Hundred Push Ups Challenge. My ultimate challenge goal is to work from wall push ups all the way up through the various types of push ups to full push ups. Will be interesting to see how long it takes.

Aaanyway, on to the goss.

First up, an easy question to answer from Cmae:

What's tim tam? I suppose I could look it up, but I'd rather hear it from the P*I*M*P.

Forget diamonds, Tim Tams are a girl's best friend. These little beauties are also a chocolate cookie lover's wet dream. Chocolate cream lovingly sandwiched by two chocolate malted cookies, all tightly group-hugged by a layer of textured chocolate.

I found this artistically arranged love nest of Tim Tams, providing a scrumptious cross-sectioned view of two of them. Doesn't that make you want to dive head first into the screen? If so, Wikipedia has a page detailing where they can be found in several countries around the world.

Find them. Try them. Love them, and me for introducing the pair of you, for life.

Now, onto some of Lisa R's questions:
LOVE your blog. I hope you continue to write. My questions are around writing. . . What genre do you write? Do you have anything published on the web that we can read? DO any of your writings feature food? Have I used up all my questions??

Thanks, Lisa! Nice to meet you. I do intend to continue writing, especially now that I'm aware that it's LSED whispering at me whenever I consider quitting. The main reason I don't think I would voluntarily stop, no matter how often LSED mutters in my ear, is because I adore it. Writing is something that's on both my Need and Want lists.

In school I always got high marks in English, especially for creativity in story writing. During Year 12, I even submitted a poetry series for one of my assessment pieces. Poetry is where I first gained confidence as a writer. But, poetry is even harder to earn a living doing than story writing, so I keep that as an artistic endeavour for enjoyment only. Several examples in relation to food and IE are dotted throughout this blog.(This little ditty is even about Tim Tams, Cmae! LOL)

I don't usually put up any more than snippets of my work anywhere online, as most publishers frown on this. (Since they're buying first publication rights, why should they spend the money to purchase any work that is already fully available online, for free?) Even for an online anthropomorphic short story contest I entered, and won, I selected the option to have my story removed from their website once the judging period was over. I'm trying to earn a living at this so would like to avoid shooting myself in the foot before any publisher does choose to purchase my work. It's part of protecting my copyright to those works as well.

Once I get my author blog up and running there'll be snippets on offer though, so stay tuned for that. :)

My poetry tends to cover all of the genres I write for my other short stories or novels. Funny about that. I prefer writing fantasy and science fiction, but much to my surprise have recently started a paranormal romance novel. Within the scope of the SF/F genres I have written a couple of humorous pieces, and even one snuff short story based on Tom Jones' song "Delilah".

Almost all of my stories have food in them, described lavishly of course. One piece Curdish Capers was completely about cheese.

Here's a food snippet, of sorts, from my as-yet-unpublished novel Serenade

Swallowing convulsively wasn't helping matters, but his body carried on doing it anyway. Squinching his eyes shut tight made matter worse, as did staring out the window. They'd assured him he'd get used to it as time went by. They were still mouthing reassurances to his face but they rang a little hollow these days.

“Ye addle-brained twit, eat the damned crackers and be done with't.”

“Urk,” was the only response he could give.

“Are ye wantin' more o' that brew yer so fond of then?”

Ghyrell glared at his tormentor's delight. Holding out a trembling hand he accepted a thin rectangular bread and bit into it savagely. Perhaps if he got it down quick enough his belly wouldn't notice. Chew as he might his dessicated mouth couldn't bring the crumbly mass to a point where he could swallow even the first bite. A sigh burst forth spraying crumbs upon his blanketed lap and he reached for the wretched tea. He shouldn't complain, after all it had been a goodly part of keeping him alive this past week, yet he was heartily sick of gingery sugar water. Even the gingered fish broth had long ago lost its appeal.

Swishing the tepid fluid around his mouth he heartily wished he could go back to those first few glorious days on the ship when he'd enjoyed the stiff breeze in his face as he stood in the bow of the ship. The salty tang on his lips, the beautiful curve of the sails belling above, and the sun shining on his face, oh what bliss it had been. Three days out and the chop had increased enough that his joy disappeared faster than the evening rum ration from the bosun's cup. A mild (according to the crew) storm that had occurred two days ago had him wishing his stomach would just pour itself out of his mouth and be done with it.

“Ye know? I think ye mebbe fading t' yellow. Yup! Decidedly less green than ye've been fer days.”

A few more mouthfuls and another couple of crackers and Ghyrell felt like he might like to get out of his bunk. Muse help me, I might even make it outside. What do they call it? Up on deck? That's it! “Would it be a bother if I went up on deck?”

“Nah, tis nae bother 't all.” Capitan Frezik crossed the cabin in a few easy strides, opened the door and hollered out into the corridor, “Poigus, git yerself here 'n help t'Bard on deck!”

The cabin boy, seemingly all knees and elbows, clattered into the cabin and grinned impishly at Ghyrell. “Toldja Mam's crackers'd set ye to rights.” A cuff about the head from his Uncle Frezik didn't dim the irrepressible twinkle in his chocolate brown eyes in the slightest.

This is already getting pretty long, so I'll cover some more questions tomorrow.

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Marshmallow said...

Eeeeeeee! I love the writing snippet, bloody brilliant :-D

kathrynoh said...

I dunno - personally I prefer Mint Slices :D

Kada said...

LOL Thanks, Marshy. :)

Kada said...

Mint Slices are also divine. :)

cmae said...

Beautiful writing! And thanks for explaining Tim Tams. I will definitely have to find some!

Kada said...

Thanks, Cmae.
Hope you like the Tim Tams after I've hyped them so much. LOL
Oh and Costplus World Market sometimes has Mint Slices too.