Monday, June 02, 2008

Somethin's Cookin'.

I felt really heartened by Gwyneth and Kathryn's suggestions in response to my nutrition dilemma the other day. So much so that I pretty much ate really well and covered almost all servings in the dietary pyramid. And, I bought a packet of organic chicken breasts and had Alaskaboy grind them up for me. Can't use the packets of store chicken or turkey mince as they're not organic. I wasn't gonna pay for the whole foods meat section to grind it for me, but I also wasn't gonna go without. I deserve my favourite kind of meatball!

It didn't hurt that the bean salad was a success either. For some reason I think I've been afraid of cooking with beans. Chilli I know how to cook. Tuscan beans and sage = easy. Hummus and falafel are a breeze. And Veggie tacos, REALLY easy thanks to refried beans in the can! LOL

Anything else? Forget it. In the past I've tried bean burgers, bean loaf, bean salad, bean dip etc...and I don't seem to be able to do it right. Lentils, no prob. Beans, big problem. And I'm wondering if that was the fault of the recipes I'd used. Coupled with my apprehension about using beans and it was a downward spiral.

So, anyone got any tried and true bean recipes that they wanna share with me? Chickpea/Garbanzo beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, soy beans, whatever kind of bean. I'm open to trying new stuff now that I'm over my bean stage fright.

Today we went and did a big grocery shop. We have plenty of fresh fruit, veggies, meat, bread, pantry stuff, something from every food group. And I'm loving it! Tonight I've cooked Vegetarian chilli, chilli con carne, meatloaf, red curry beef meatballs and I would have done green curry chicken meatballs except we're out of green curry paste. Oh well. Off to the Asian store tomorrow anyway as we didn't get there today.

One of the main reasons I'm wanting to get my nutrition right as well as exercise more regularly is we're cooking up a plan to get pregnant later this year. Found it really funny that on one of the trips in from the car I had in one hand both the ovulation tester kit. . .and the carton of eggs. LOL

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gwyneth said...

Ooh, bit delayed maybe, but I wanted to share my favourite chickpea recipe.