Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shaking In My Shoes

I smelled acrid smoke awhile ago, but figured someone was burning their breakfast or had braked hard in a car outside. Just as I finished my own breakfast, I heard someone down below on the street say, "I hope no one is in there?"

Looking up from the table I saw smoke drifting past the lounge room window. Perhaps a car is on fire, I thought as I ambled over to have a look. No, It wasn't a car, it was an apartment, in my building! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! I raced to the front door to look out and sure enough everyone was evacuating. I sped around the apartment shutting down the window fans, looking for a hat, sunglasses, my keys, waist pack, and then remembered my green card. Fumbling through several drawers, I finally found it in the first drawer I'd looked through. The green card and my passport are really the only things I needed, or had time, to take with me.

Not sure if it was gonna spread or not, I debated grabbing the car and going. But you know what? The car's insured and replaceable, I'm not. The wind was also blowing toward the door I'd need to get the car, so instead of forging my way blindly through the thickest clouds of brownish-black smoke that flooded the courtyard, I clapped a hand over my nose and mouth, and made a run for it out the front.

The fire's out, the occupants of the apartment were safely evacuated, we're all hoping that the damage, while extensive, allows the apartment above to stay right where it is. and typing this out isn't helping as much as I thought it would. Words are useless against biology. I'm off to swim away the remainder of the adrenaline surge. Getting away from the smoke smell flooding the apartment can only help the headache I also have all of a sudden.

5 Nibbles:

kathrynoh said...

OMG, how scary. I'm glad that you and everyone else is okay. You never think these things will really happen, do you.

Marshmallow said...

Holy crap! Thank GOD you're okay, you must've been terrified O_O

Kada said...

No, ya really don't Kathryn. That's why I automatically assumed it was something else. Who knows how bad the courtyard smoke would have been if I'd ignored my urge to check out what was happening out on the street.

I'm just hoping they have insurance because the place is gutted pretty much.

Kada said...

I wouldn't say I was terrified, but definitely scared and shocked. {shudders} I'm so very glad they all got out; she has four kids under twelve.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

That is so freaking crazy!

Glad to hear you were alright.