Friday, June 06, 2008

Joy To The Bod.

It's been a long time since I've had any joy in exercise. All too often during the last several months I've felt like I was going nowhere. I worried if I'd ever recover, and whether I'd progress beyond a granny crawl on my walks. I'm still yearning to do aerobics and strength training with Alaskaboy, but I've begun feeling like they're gonna be a likely occurrence in the near future, rather than Probability Zero.

I'm actually rather excited to be able to post this exercise progress report. One that actually feels like an exercise report, rather than a rehab report. LOL

Walking: I'm doing regular 1.5 mile walks. I'm nowhere near the same speed or fitness levels as December 2006, but compared to where I was in November 2008 where it took me an HOUR to walk a mile, I'm kickin' goals! Only a couple of months ago I'd improved to a 40min mile. Last night I did a PB for my recent activity levels; 1.5 miles in 42 mins. That's almost the same m/ph over two miles as December '06. Very exciting! I have the speed, now I can work on my stamina.

Also, the recent PB came after exercising the two days prior. A walk on Monday, and swimming the day before--which was also a recent PB.

Swimming: I, an author, don't have the words to describe how amazing it feels to be back in the pool. Compared to how I felt last week after my swim in the pool, I'm over the moon. I know, I know, I didn't have my goggles last week and so had to swim awkwardly and I was happy being back IN a pool, but it still didn't stop my sense of failure when it took me 40 mins to swim 500m.

WHERE does that bullshit come from? Honestly!

LSED maybe?

If so. HA! Eight months ago I was afraid to take a bath because I might have been too weak to get back out again. Now look at me! (My sense of accomplishment went through the roof just now when I discovered that I'm, again, almost as fit as December '06.) Tuesday I swam just over 900m in 45 mins. The clincher being that I did kickboard and thigh pull work for part of that distance and the pool is about 6 deg F warmer than the previous pool I swam in. (LOL and about 20 F warmer than our apartment's pool!)

With this regained ability to exercise constructively and consistently, I feel like I've found a lost part of myself. I'm pondering whether to make today a rest day or if I'll do a nice slow mile walk as an easy day. I felt fucking fantastic typing that last sentence. Exercise is once again an enjoyable choice, rather than a struggle.:)

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