Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gettin' The Goss' Straight From The Source.

I'd planned this awhile ago, but then had a whole bunch of stuff to talk about, so I didn't feel the need to post it. Coincidentally, both FLG (then Marshy) did a similar thing around the same time I thought of doing it, so I held off a bit.
Also. . .the first time I did this I didn't get many responses, so felt like a bit of a dickhead. But, oh well, when have I let that stop me before? LOL

Got any questions you want to ask me? Go ahead. (For those who will feel the need, lemme preempt by saying, my weight doesn't affect my sex life in the least. In fact it's better than ever.)
Got any other topics you want me to talk about? Point it out and I'll do my best.
Any books you want me to read and review? Gimme the title.
Got feedback you wanna share? Go right ahead but please keep it constructive.

Anything I haven't thought of that you wanna include in your comment, feel free.

5 Nibbles:

Lisa R said...


LOVE your blog. I hope you continue to write. My questions are around writing. . . What genre do you write? Do you have anything published on the web that we can read? DO any of your writings feature food? How's the intuitive eating going? Have I used up all my questions??


Lisa R said...

Hi Again-

One more question I thought of - what do you do that makes you feel great about your body or comfortable in your skin?


cmae said...

What's tim tam? I suppose I could look it up, but I'd rather hear it from the P*I*M*P.

What was the experience you were talking about when you commented over at my blog?

Fat Lazy Guy said...

You've probably posted about this before, but what do you miss about Aussie?

Marshmallow said...

When you read other people's blogs, how do you handle jealousy? Jealousy of people's acceptance of themselves, jealousy about their progress, etc.

Also, what do you think about fat acceptance and the theory of it working against weight loss?

When you started blogging, did you think it would lead to uncovering as much emotional 'baggage' (for want of a better word) as it has?

If you could pick an animal to depict LSED, what would it be?

[I... think I'm done :-D]