Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I CAN eat fruit and veggies intuitively. Hooray!

After Gwyneth and Kathryn's comments on my Life Changing post it's like a light bulb has gone off inside my head. From my reaction the last few days, it would seem that my brain finally understands that I'm no longer dieting.

The light bulb shone some light on this wee little corner of my brain that was still saying, "Regular fruit and vegetable intake means we're dieting! So mustn't do that." I honestly don't know where that subconscious assertion about fruit and vegetables has come from. I LIKE to eat fruit and veggies.

Perhaps it is to do with how disordered my eating was during the times I wasn't dieting, and then when I was dieting the Diet Police were hard at work enforcing regular fruit'n'veg intake. So, I equated eating both fruit and vegetables on the same day, more than one day in a row, as dieting.


Approaching my food as needing adequate nutrition, not just for myself but for any eventual child I have, has really been the tangent I've needed to sneak in under the Diet Police's Radar. Yesterday for breakfast I had red curry meatball sandwich with thai sweet chilli sauce; lunch was toasted veggie and cheese sandwich; 1st snack was a choc/almonds dipped icecream; 2nd snack was watermelon; and dinner was vegetable pasta with bean salad on the side.

Checking that on Fitday(first time there in a LONG time) showed that I'm getting adequate nutrition, but eating too much fat. Another light bulb. Cool!

Today was even more balanced as a result.
Kashi Good Friends Cereal with sliced banana and milk.

Stir fry with chicken mince, red capsicum, onion, mushroom, sauerkraut, spinach, korean red pepper paste.

1st snack:
Sesame Ball

2nd Snack:
baked sweet potato
Korean toasted seaweed

green curry chicken patties
shiso leaves
sauteed bean shoots

3rd Snack:
sesame ball
glass of soy milk

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had that many fruits and veggies in the same day by choice. Looking at today's menu, I'm surprised at how much I ate. Being active all day long, plus exercise, really does make a difference to my appetite. LOL

Thanks Gwyneth and Kathryn for helping me over this particular hurdle. :)

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gwyneth said...

:blushes: any time...

I stumbled on an article I kinda liked today:
I'm not posting that because I think you need the info, because you already know. I'm posting it because I'm happy that things seem to be turning around and more people are realising that Diet Mentality is Pure Evil.