Thursday, May 29, 2008

Off with the Burger King's Head.

I've been craving Burger King for the last couple of weeks. I kept driving past one when I was full though, so I didn't get a chance to have any until today. Not having much of an appetite, but feeling peckish, I took the opportunity as it presented itself. My reasoning being that I could get a Whopper Jr. meal and stop eating once I was full. Satisfy the craving and keep the wallet happy. ;)

The chips/fries are what I usually crave for, because they're the closest thing to fast food fries in Australia. I enjoyed the first few, especially since they were piping hot. Mmm, fresh chippies. I opened the burger, bit into it and thought, Hmmm, yep, that's a Burger King burger; fake smoke flavour, lotsa mustard and mayo, with a pickle. And it's mushy. Omg. Where's the texture? Where's the feeling like I'm actually eating something? Wait? Has the bun been steamed? (Yeah, apparently that's how they heat the buns.)

And then it hit me after a couple of bites, I don't like Burger King anymore. It used to be my go to burger choice. Now, I'd much rather an In'n'Out burger. I can get the bun extra toasted, not steamed. The chips are cut on the premises, not strange chip-like mushiness. There's a LOT of lettuce and tomato and the onions are cooked if you ask for it Animal Style. Plus their soft drinks are flavours I prefer.

I ate a few more bites of the burger, hoping it would get better. Even argued with myself that I shouldn't be eating what I don't like. But, I was hungrier than I'd thought before I started. I ended up leaving a 1/4 of the burger, eating all the chips, and drinking half the drink. I didn't enjoy any of it beyond the first two lots of fries I put in my mouth.

Wow. I never thought I'd say it, but I believe Burger King has joined McDonald's as a place I no longer frequent.

Anyone else find that their tastes have changed over the course of gaining a healthy relationship with food?

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Andrea Amador said...

Hi Kada,

Yes. I can really relate to what you're sharing about fast food. I've been eating intuitively now for almost 16 months. After a long struggle of continually gaining weight, about 30 pounds, I realized that I needed to integrate stress relief techniques into my daily living in order to stop the desperate hunger that drove my every waking moment.

Since doing that, food has lost much of its emotional tug over me. Now I get as excited about satsifying a craving for poached salmon as I used to buying my favorite ice cream and being able to eat it.

You'll notice that as you focus more on the feelings that you have about different aspects of your life and work to empower yourself where you have felt intimidated or fearful in the past, then you will also notice that your choices for food will radically alter and it will become easier and easier to lose weight without dieting.

Personally I've discovered that the secret to success, hinges upon our ability to love ourselves unconditionally as we are. By learning to love and accept the skin we're in, that, we free up our nervous energy that has been spent on obsessing about how we look and how much we weigh, and all those outer directed motivations to lose weight, and that brings back our ability to notice our lives and deal with the source of our stress rather than stuffing it down with food.

Thank you for this very insightful post sharing your experience with how your desires for food changes as you progress along the path to becoming an intuitive eater.