Friday, April 04, 2008

You're Weird, Sir.

I'm not a big Peanuts fan, but my husband is one. One of the things he says, quite often and with good reason, to me is, "You're weird, Sir." I've always known I'm weird. (Take a look at the previous vid-post to see an example.)

I even knew my eating was weird. As a kid, or sometimes as an adult, I've been known to have ketchup / tomato sauce on toast for breakfast. Love cold lasagne. Mashed potato sandwiches. Raw ramen noodles, gnawed straight from the block. Raw potatoes...must be peeled.

And so on and so forth.

The thing is, I didn't realise my intuition is also weird, with a capital WUH! WUH-EEEEIRD.

The other day for breakfast. A cooked chicken breast. A bowl of dry honey nut cheerios. A glass of apple juice.

Dinner the other night. Lasagne. Slathered with tomato sauce / ketchup.

But tonight? Tonight takes the cake. (So far!)

I've been craving kimchee on and off for about a week. I keep forgetting to go to the Korean store when I'm out, and when I'm in, I'm writing. So, no kimchee. Tonight I was hankering for a burger. Specifically an In'n'Out burger. No. 2, Animal style, extra toast. YUM! With a pink lemonade containing extra lemon wedges.

Problem is, I couldn't be farked going to get it.

I hemmed and hawed. I even ummed and ahhed. And swore under my breath. I got that hungry I had some wicked bad breath going on, but I still didn't go and get the burger. Guess that meant I didn't REALLY want it.

Oh pantry, oh fridgey, I'm hungry! I spotted the spankin' brand new jar of sauerkraut. OOOOOOH pickled cabbage. I had to fight that sucker open. Bashed the lid with a knife over and over, and just about wore the grip cloth thing to a nubbin', but I had my sweet/sour pickley goodness.

MMM that whetted my appetite.

Yes, Yes, now I'm feelin' it.
Onions. Garlic.
Red Capsicum.
Ohh yeah and some baby spinach.
With... Hmmm. Shiitake mushroom oyster sauce.
And ramen noodles (2 min noodles with no flavour sachet.)


And peaches. On the side.

And it MUST all be eaten with chopsticks.

Say what?


I want the slurpy noodley goodness, and the pickley crunchy cabbagey bits, and some sweet peaches mixed in as I want to eat them. But I WANT chopsticks.

I could hear Alaskaboy's voice in my head, "You're weird,Sir."

I can also hear Billy Connolly saying, "That's a mow-tin of cabbage!" It's not really a mountain, just looks like it. No more than 2 tbs worth. I promise!

And with chopsticks I did gleefully slurp, crunch and munch away.

About all I had left when I was finished was 2-3 tbs worth of food. But, I stopped. . .because I had a date with a mallowpuff. :D

In alll those books, they don't mention how WUH-EEEIRD intuitive eating can get.

What's your weirdest IE experience so far?

2 Nibbles:

Erin said...

I can't say IE has led me to any weird combos or food types but I was sort of disappointed a few weeks ago to realize I just wanted a salad. We went to a place I used to get chicken fried steak at ages ago before The Great Drought (ie years of dieting) and I thought I would get that...only wanted salad. Which, hurrah! But a little bit....awwww.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

I'm with you on the mashed potato sandwiches, and the raw ramen noodles! Oh, and the Mallowpuffs :D I'm not so sure on peaches with stir fry, but if you like it, I say go for it.